Friday, July 04, 2008

Lincoln International Monsters Gallery

The Lincoln Monsters can often be dismissed as "Knockoffs" which they are but they are also a charming and fun monster toy line to collect. These eight inch Mego inspired figures debuted in the mid 1970's by Lincoln International, these figures saw distribution in the United Kingdon, Europe and much of North America.
They're also my favourite mego-esque figures to collect, mainly because my dad sold them back in the day! Best of all, he carried the line because I asked him to. I have nothing but happy memories of my Lincoln Monsters getting in huge battles with my Mego Superheroes.
A recreation of one of those fights can be seen below:

Click here to visit the new Lincoln Monsters Page or click on a "Monster Sticker" below to see the individual character pages. I've included Star Trek Knockoff figure "Mr. Rock" just because he didn't fit anywhere else....

Lincoln WolfmanLincoln Phantom Lincoln Dracula MOC

Click Here to Visit THe Mummy SectionLincoln Dracula MOCLincoln Frankenstein

Click Here to Visit Mr Rock Section

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To all my US brethen (and sistren) have a safe and happy fourth of July weekend!
I'm off to celebrate ten years with the most understanding wonderful woman in the whole wide world....


Anonymous said...

Mr Rock looks like Northstar, and that pink communicator cinches it!

rob! said...

"Best of all, he carried the line because I asked him too."

that's so cool. (except for the to/too thing, but what the heck)

i've never seen Mr. Rock before, that's hilarious. "Captain, these aliens are...FABULOUS!"

Ian Sokoliwski said...

That's how you take out Dracula - oven mitts!!!

JFStan said...

Hunchback says "Wait! I'm not really a bad g.. OOF!!"

Bubbashelby said...

Hahaha Mr. Rock - that is pure genius right there - whoever came up with that figure deserves a medal!

Lincoln Board Meeting:

"Okay fellas, we're almost ready to move ahead with that Star Trek knockoff we discussed. What're our choices again?

Mr. Jackov - too explicit
Lt. Screwyou - too confrontational
Captain Jerk - too villainous

Mr. Rock - BRILLIANT! Smoke 'em if you got 'em boys, we're ready for production!"

Swinebread said...

Hey, with the Megos and the Lincoln Monsters you can have a real 1970s comic horror bash!


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