Saturday, July 26, 2008

Two More Trading Cards

evel knievel trading card

Card #6 should come as no shock to anyone, seeing as how much space I have devoted to Evel Knievel on the site. It almost felt like obligation to make it, so I did it early rather than later. It is arguably the most famous 70's toy I've done thus far.

kenner hugo trading card Number 7 is probably a surprise, Hugo isn't something I've only featured in passing but he's a pretty iconic character. This card was devised mostly because of Hugo's biggest fan, Rob Chatlin asked me to do it. Rob has been a gigantic help to PS from day one, providing many scans I wouldn't have otherwise. He planted the bug in my ear and I'm really happy with the results, thanks Rob!

I have one more card to reveal but the thunderstorm outside has shut me down 3 times and I'm a little fed up right now.....


Video Zeta One said...

Wow. The memory of this disturbing puppet has laid peacefully dormant for the past thirty or so years, and you resurrected it. Now I'll have to once again fight off the night terrors brought on by this horrific hand toy. Thanks.

By the way, I really I have really enjoyed loitering around your site. Can't believe I just discovered it (given my unnatural love of the 1970's). When you get the chance, check in at my blog (retrospace). I will certainly be adding your page to my blog roll for frequent visits!

Monica said...

I have a Hugo!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hugo - another "always wanted/never got".

Loved him on The Uncle Floyd Show though!


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