Friday, January 18, 2019

Buy PowerLords or we'll shoot you

I was too old for the Power Lords when they came out but I remember kind of digging their design, they certainly weren't as child friendly as other action figure lines at the time and that appealed to my newly discovered cynicism.

I don't remember the characters in this ad from Toyfair 1984 and go figure, they seem like they're kind of expensive and probably saw a smaller release. Why those toys always the prettiest?

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Monday, January 14, 2019

Toy-Ventures 4: Black Hole Cereal Premiums

This week's installment of Toy-Ventures is all about the wonderful relationship between the Movie "The Black Hole", Shreddies cereal and Mego toys. It's one of my favourite childhood memories. Visit us online at Twitter: @plaidstallions

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Friday, January 11, 2019

5 Awesome things on Ebay this week

Lucan the board game: Lucan was a short lived TV show about a boy raised by wolves being on the run, it was like "The Incredible Hulk" but instead of turning green, he had wolf powers of some kind. I had an older sister who watched ANY TV show with a horse or a dog, so yup I saw every Lucan growing up.  I had no idea that it had merchandise of any kind!

Shark Hunting Boat by Lincoln International- A lot of Rack Toy companies tried to cash in on JAWS with rubber Sharks. Lincoln International went above and beyond by making a replica of Quint's boat (but not actually calling it that of course!) 

Captain America and Spider-Man Speedboat by Gulliver-  OK so there is a bit of a boat theme going on, I love Guillver toys from Brazil, just such a neat window into another world. This boat suggest that Cap and Spider-Man hang out on the weekends and probably go to Long Island Sound.

Mexican Stretch Monster figure- I love bootlegs and this one is glorious and under $20.

Remco Star Trek CSF set in British box- The art on British packaging always seems superior for some reason, this is no exception.

Barbie's Friend Ship

After showing Big Jim's Sky Commander earlier in the week, it seems fitting to show the Barbie Equivalent.  During this particular segment, Ken had the fish, so Barbie had to land the plane.

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Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Big Jim, Big Playsets

The smell of that vinyl is forever ingrained into my brain as happiness. Also, I did grow up thinking I'd have my own personal "Kung Fu Studio"

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Friday, January 04, 2019

5 Awesome things on Ebay this week

A piece of the StarLost- "The Starlost" was this Canadian Science Fiction show that Harlan Ellison created (and violently disowned, go figure), it's all shot on videotape and well, it looks like a Doctor Who where not much happens. They played this show a bajillion times thanks to "CanCon" laws (a certain segment of your broadcast day had to be produced in Canada) so I've seen every episode a bunch. 

The most impressive thing about the show is the ship it's based on and this is a piece of it!  I'm seriously considering buying this. I just don't know how yet.

Hombre Invisible- In Mexico they did really cool and innovative things with Big Jim dolls like making him Bionic or in this case, invisible. It's a simple little trick but it adds mounds of play value, I love toys like this.

Durham's Soaring Spider-Man Plane- I realize Spider-Man of all people didn't have and couldn't fly a plane but LOOK AT THAT BOX ART! PRETTY!

The Blue Knight Police Patrol Car by Larami- I always get amused when I see the plethora of items Larami made for this (totally forgotten) TV series . It's like they had a meeting and said "Kid's love George Kennedy, let's double up on that!"

A whole mess of Shinsei UFO Commander Vehicles- I was fascinated by weird toys with no back story like this as a kid, I know as an adult they were just repackaged Japanese items (to be frank I suspected it then) and I view it as one of the more interesting things about growing up when i did. As a kid, I swore I'd solve mysteries like this and well, I'm sitting in a room full of toys typing away about them 40 years later....

Toy-Ventures 3- The Sonic Man and Sonic Woman by Tomland

 This week's episode examines the Tomland toys Sonic Man and Sonic, who look suspiciously like a certain Bionic Couple we all know and love. We also delve into Tomland's history of ripping off some of the 1970s most popular tv and movie properties. 

 You can see more Tomland toy merchandise at this site:

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 Twitter: @plaidstallions

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