Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Universal, and not so Universal Halloween Die Cuts!

Please enjoy another guest post by my pal Matt, who will take us to school on vintage Halloween decorations- BrAin.

Greetings boils and ghouls! 

Today's post features some of the rarest, best, and most sought after and valuable Halloween die-cuts ever made based on the universal monsters. 

Some of them are solid cutouts, and others are jointed figures. All of them are from that wonderful period of the late 1970s and early 1980s when, in my humble opinion, the golden age of Halloween die-cuts was occurring.

This is not the full extent of my Halloween die-cut collection. But I decided to limit today to just the die cuts that have a universal monster connection. Enjoy!

1) Eureka die cuts Eureka was a company famous for its holiday decorations, they would make cardboard die cuts as well as tissue paper accordion decorations for Valentines, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick's Day, Christmas, and of course, Halloween. 

Monday, October 14, 2019

Toy-Ventures: Tomland PVC Monsters

Time to talk about the quirky series of PVC monster figures that are based on other Tomland series like the Star Raiders, Famous Monsters of Legends and Creatures from other worlds.

Special thanks to Andrew Williams for the photos

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Friday, October 11, 2019

5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

Stefanie Powers Iron On- Hey, as Max would say on the starting to "Hart to Hart" SHE'S GAWGEOUS!and I agree. Slap this on a $7 T-Shirt and you'll be the talk of the town.

Bionic Halloween Costumes- Hey, if you're a couple, dig the Bionic man/Bionic Woman and are very tiny, then I have the Halloween costumes for you!

Big Box of Flexy Halloween Creeps- As a fanboy of Rack Toys and of course, Halloween, this is the kind of stuff that just brings me endless joy. Now you can own a whole display box of the stuff that would make you impulsively part with your money at six years old. No buyers remorse here, only goodness.

Happy Days Drapes- Who wants to wake up every morning with Henry Winkler peering at them hungrily? You do, you do.....

Durham Kung Fu Figure- This has nothing to do with the TV series, it's more just a take on the fad sweeping the nation at the time (for me it never ended) and I've weirdly never owned one of these. They're pretty cheap and it's hard to find one where the hands haven't melted off, also he has no pants, it's like a naked man in a short house robe which is just...all kinds of wonderful where i sit.

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Sunday, October 06, 2019

The Shadow Halloween Poncho

I'm giving the reigns to my pal Matt today, for years, Matt has stepped in during the month of October and given us a peek at some of the more amazing things in this collection, so i leave you in gifted hands-Brain

This is a continuation of the previous post I had done in which I showed the multiple variations of Halloween costumes released by Collegeville for The Shadow!

This version I have here may be my favorite of the lot. It is the Shadow poncho costume.

Here is a shot of him in the box. Although the box does not mention that it is a poncho on the outside, it does say "one size fits all" which is consistent. It also mentions that it has "reflective spots". I wonder if they are still included in the box?

As I open up the box, it becomes clear that this costume has never been removed. It is still sealed inside the bag.

The mask is still the same children's mask, intended for a smaller head, in which the red scarf is molded into the actual sculpture of the mask-- this is in contrast to the adult size masks in which the scarf was a separate piece of either rayon or vinyl.

I have carefully unfolded the poncho here so you can see the marvelous artwork. This red, black, and gold coloring is just so striking, and perfect for this character.

Look at the fury in that angry shadow face.

The artwork for this poncho is obviously taken from the famous coloring book, and was featured on multiple items of the Shadow in the 1970s, including the bagatelle game, and the box art for some of the smaller vehicles.

Poncho costumes were a good option for kids who unfortunately had to experience the letdown of a rainy Halloween night.

Oh, and look! The reflective circular stickers are still here.

Happy Halloween. Expect some more Shadow Merchandise in this blog soon 😊

More Shadow Fun! (Also by Matt)

Friday, October 04, 2019

5 Awesome things on eBay this week

MPC Kung Fu Playset- Ok this isn't licensed but it's TOTALLY supposed to be Kwai Chang Caine, like give me a break MPC toys. It's also just a wonderful toy. I own one of these, it took me forever to find it and actually my podcast partner Jason Lenzi was the one who gifted it to me. Since then they seem to pop up on eBay more frequently, funny how that works, enjoy.

Star Trek Stickers from 1975 These are apparently Canadian but i can't say I recall seeing them as a kid, the main appeal for me is they're classic Trek and cost $5 a pack. Pretty great deal.

Incredible Hulk Power Spouter Water Gun-  Sent to me by my friend David, who enjoys himself some ridiculous Incredible Hulk merchandise. One of these days I'm going to do an entire segment on Incredibly stoopid Hulk merch.

Space:1999 Comlock Communicators- These wonderful items from LJN are actually pretty nice replicas of the actualy prop save for the microphone and the words "SPACE:1999" written on them. I had a set at one point and they were some of my favourite items of 1999 merch.

Jason of Star Command promotional photo- The cast of Filmation's Jason of Star Command did a lot of personal appearances and this comes from a Shrine Circus. The seller has a Sig Haig Dragos one as well, I'd really love to pick these up but the well, she is dry.

Thursday, October 03, 2019

Toy-Ventures: Remco Monsters at Home

It's October and I'm going to talk about nothin' but Monster Toys and let's start with an underrated classic, the Remco Monsters at Home line. This series of Universal Monsters hand puppets were based on the Remco 9" Figures that came a few years before and rarely get the spotlight.

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More Information about the Remco Monsters at Home line

You can see that cool Remco Monster Commercial i talk over here:

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Pod Stallions Mini: Terrance Dicks

The passing of legendary Doctor Who writer Terrance Dicks could not go unnoticed by us, not only did he create many, many of the surrounds that embody the show that we love but he also was the freaking ambassador of the series through the multitude of novelizations he wrote.

11 year old Jason and Brian were forever changed in their nerdy little hearts by the writings of this man and it would IMPOSSIBLE for us not to give him a proper salute. We love you Terrance and I hope this shows.

Please Enjoy and we have a new PodStallions Facebook group, please join us.

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

The Plaid Stallions Halloween Shopping Guide

It's October, my favourite time of the year and it's not just because my best colour is brown. Nope, I love Halloween more than any other holiday and i don't even like Candy all that much.

I am however, a complete rube for the monster and horror-themed merchandise, so here are some of the things that put a twinkle in my eye and total stress on my bank account:

Something Weird Spook Show Spectacular A Go-Go: I love Something Weird Video, Vinyl Records and Spook Shows. This was made for me, I just hope it gets here in time for Halloween.

Frankenstein Tiki Mug I have a real fondness for Tiki bars although it's hindered by non-fondness for anything sweet that involves liquor. There is a whole series of Universal Monsters Tikis out there right now that are tasking me. It's just weird to drink beer out of these things...

GODZILLA: THE SHOWA-ERA FILMS, 1954–1975 The Criterion Collection: This is pretty much my childhood in one little package, a deluxe set of cleaned up Godzilla movies from the "Showa Era" (AKA the UHF years) with tons of extras and little perks. Even though this is a little pricy, it's also like the last Godzilla set I'll ever buy. 

Universal Monsters Paper People by Super 7- Seriously Super 7 is killing it this year with the Universal Monsters but of all the great stuff on their site (and you should check it out) I'm most in love with this tribute to the 1970s Our Ways Studios Jointed Giants.

Zombie Action Figure Fulci's Zombie is one of my favourite horror movies and this licensed figure coming out from Pallbearer Press and Distinctive Dummies is just all kinds of awesome. i was lucky enough to score their Coffin Joe figure before it sold out and let me tell you, it's glorious. Do not sit on the fence on this one because it will sell out and quick.

Mego Horror Wave 7 Figures: As most readers of PS would know, I'm a ginormous Mego nerd and they've really been knocking it out of the park with Horror stuff lately. I'm especially fond of Wave 7's Mummy and Phantom of the Opera which were created by some great people I know. There really is no bad figure in this series to be honest.

Battling Franken Mutants- Inspired by Toho's "War of the Gargantuas" these wonderful inaction figures by Stexe (who also makes this wonderful piece) actually do battle thanks to magnets.

Super 7 Creature Beach Towel- Yeah I want this too, although I'd also like a whole series of the monster surfing. I remember that "Frankenstein goes surfing" was a throwaway gag movie name on "Gilligan's Island"  and I was six and thought it was a real movie. 

Universal Monsters Bend Ems- Apparantly these throw back to the early 1990s Bend Ems are popping up at Walgreens, I don't live anywhere near of one those, so this photo and article links to Dinosaur Dracula's blog, they know more than i do on the subject.

I'd really like to know what other cool stuff you've found this year, leave me a comment here or on our facebook group Pod Stallions so i can hopefully do a part two this month.

Friday, September 27, 2019

5 Awesome Things on eBay

Super Fly Iron On Transfer- Good God, it's just endless how many cool and forgotten vintage Iron On transfers there are. Case in point, Super Fly. I wonder if there's one for Gordon's War?

Big Jim Lazervette in a Canadian Box! - It's well known I'm obsessed with the Big Jim Wolf P.A.C.K and with all things Canada but this box is actually nicer than the US version. I swear!

Doctor Who Viewmasters- Oh man, Jason and I both absolutely love this set. Let's make a viewmaster of Castro-fricking-Volva, which has almost no action whatsoever. Nothing but photos of the Fifth Doctor and his companions standing around. Bravo.

Deka Plastics Star Wars Cups and Bowls- I've fallen down a Deka plastic hole this week after buying their planet of the Apes set and discovering that they made two Star Treks and these, I'm screwed.

Omega Man Japanese Poster- Why is every cool movie poster somehow cooler in Japan? Why do movie posters under $100 haunt me? Agh I need more walls.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Toy Show Pick Ups

I posted some photos from last weekend's Burlington Toy Con on our facebook page but never showed my pickups. The show had plenty of cool stuff but i got out of it for under twenty bucks. The Apes cup was subject to an "I love your website" discount (which is rare but fills me with gratitude) and the Trek book and record is an absolute favourite from childhood. 

Sometimes it's the little things.

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