Friday, May 29, 2020

5 Awesome Things on Ebay this week

Mr Spock Model Kit in the Aurora Box- I have a huge fascination with this model, which was actually created by Aurora but sold by AMT in the US. This funky 70s British box is soooooo intoxicating to me...

Star Princess and Pluta coloring book- I've never heard of this before, it's obviously Star Wars influenced but with female protaganists. The seller wants more than I care to pay but someday with will be the subject of PlaidStallions Coloring Book Theater. 

DC Comic Superheroes Summer stuff- I am in total awe of this set, first off the bag is using the Superheroes at Seaworld graphics, and secondly the visor is glorious and would propel me to my life long dream of being "Hunter S Thompson" but for nerds.

Ben Cooper Island of Doctor Moreau Halloween Costume- Remember the 70s take on "Island of Doctor Moreau" it was by AIP and starred Michael York and Richard Baseheart.  This costume is one of the few pieces of merchandise (it also got a Marvel comic) that the film saw and it really doesn't try to tie into the film at all save for the copyright. This is a higher-priced "Chattermouth" set where kids could simulate talking.

Custom AHI Aquaman Parachutist- I've been known to make custom AHI parachute figures and thought I was only one but I'm happy to see there are like-minded others. The seller has also made a Shazam one which AHI actually did plan on making. My only quibble with this is that it's far too nicely painted and detailed to be real, I'm seriously tempted...

Thursday, May 28, 2020

The Boxer

The only place these polyester/rayon palookas will take a dive is in the bedroom IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN *JABS ELBOW INTO SIDE REPEATEDLY*

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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

70s Toy Packaging Art love Fest

Toy packaging art has always fascinated me and it actually inspired me to pick up some paintbrushes, so it's actually made my life better, here are five random personal favourites but I'd love to see yours be it at the MegoMuseum Forums, our facebook page or on Twitter. Show me your favourites, please!

The Mego Mad Monsters series by legend Gray Morrow.

I can't tell you how much i love the Big Jim Gold Commander Artwork.

I could go on for days about Mego's fantastic packaging (and have) but for this exercise I'll just point out this epic Ross Andru Spider-Man box.

Even when the artwork is a bit simple, there is a tremendous joy in it. The Lincoln International Monsters have a cartoonish look but they are amongst my favourites of all time.

Show me your favourite 70s toy packaging, let's flood the internet with this joyous art.

Toy-Ventures the Magazine is coming this Summer from PlaidStallions Press.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Toy-Ventures: Top 10 Fisher Price Adventure People Sets

The Fisher-Price Adventure people were truly the game changers when it came to action figures in the 1970s. Their infectiously fun combination of vehicle and figure was an instant hit with kids when they hit shelves in 1975. Parents liked their nonviolent play structure and the fact that they appeared to be indestructible.

What's more important was the Adventure people didn't go unnoticed by other toy manufacturers and by the end of the Polyester decade we were literally awash in 3 3/4" goodness.

Here are the top ten Fisher Price Adventure People Sets.

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Thursday, May 21, 2020

5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

British Gor King of the Terrons from Super Joe- If I wasn't currently unemployed this would be on it's way to "Bri-Bri" right now. BTW that is what the woman in the post office calls me, I like her and she gives me packages, so I deal with it. 

Weird European Incredible Hulk Figure- My pal David Lockwood loves this toy, I think it's a homunculus spawned when Lou Ferrigno shared a passionate night with Gilbert Gottfried. I want one but on the same token, I'm completely "wet the bed" terrified of it.

Star World Carry Case- I love dumb, copyright infringing stuff like this. This is kind of toy as a kid I'd find at "Bargain Harolds". OK, I know most of you won't get that local reference but the name "Bargain Harolds" probably transcends geography and you know that was the worst store to buy toys in. Even the comic books were just....unpleasant.

Incredible Hulk and Spider-Man Motorcycle- Hey Hong Kong, you can't take every Batman and Robin toy and make it for Hulk and Spider-Man or maybe you should because you create amazing comedy when you do. Never mind, carry on bootleggers, we need you right now...

1960s Dalek Playsuit MIB- My God, it's so beautiful, I may need a moment. Sorry, I promised not to get emotional but here come the waterworks...

Sky Diving Parachutist

Lots going on behind the scenes at PlaidStallions right now, the new Toy-Ventures magazine is really taking shape and issue #1 will be a focus on the cool toys of Azrak-Hamway, like these Superhero parachutists. I sure wish that Shazam! one had gotten made, but I can't say for certain it didn't. I love stuff like this...

Toy-Ventures Issue #1 is coming this Summer, stay tuned for a launch announcement soon.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Rapco Craft Kits

Rock Tumbler or painting awesome monsters? Candle making or Creature from the Black Lagoon? I'd like to think that was only a decision that Grandma would consider making. 

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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Space Moms

"Space Moms" was a 1977 Aaron Spelling TV pilot about two moms from the year 2011 sent back to observe modern-day families as all knowledge had been  lost in the Cola Wars of 2003. ABC passed.

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Friday, May 15, 2020

Pod Stallions 79: Dalek Grab Bag

For this week's episode, we're joined by our special guest actor/writer/comedian Matt Weinhold (@mattweinhold) who is also 1/4 of the awesome Monster Party Podcast.

We titled this episode "Dalek Grab Bag" because we set out to talk about the Peter Cushing Dalek movies of the mid-1960s (and that is the running theme) but we're all over the map talking about obscure UK SF shows we like,  Doug McClure, one-man plays, tripods, Dalek merchandise, triffids, 16mm prints, Tom Baker and dream casting a new Doctor Who movie.

 We still think it's a fun, solid two hours but just wanted to be honest about the title. Also, some NSFW language.

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Thursday, May 14, 2020

5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

Plush Fonzie- This was made by a company called Sammett and Wells, which was owned by Mego, so it's technically a Mego Fonzie. I was five during peak "Fonzie Mania" and I hadn't quite gotten over "Ape Mania", anyway, this brings me joy.

Six Million Dollar Man Iron On Transfer- This original vintage 70s and I believe that's some Kenner artwork. Were I not unemployed, thirty bucks would be spent and this would be on my steam press...

Diff'rent Strokes Ring-  I don't know why this exists, but it does. If this was "Facts of Life" I'd be sliding this puppy on my wife's hand.

Whitman CondorMan 3 Pack- Oh man was I excited to see Condor Man, I had this three-pack, the free poster from "Baskin and Robbins" and well, then I saw Condor Man. The End.

Star Trek Pillow Case- There is nothing better to put your head on at night than an off-model drawing of Mr. Spock, that's sleep science!

Electronic Games 1980

As a collector of board games, I wanted to ask folks if Electronic Detective is any good, also is Maniac as fun as it looks? Please let me know in the comments.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Gigantic Toy Sale! $2.99

This ad is from 1979 and a lot of the toys on deep discount because they're being cleared out, I vividly remember something like this when I was ten. It was really hard looking at the Big Jim, Six Million Dollar Man, and Pulsar stuff I wanted as a kid for pennies. It haunts me to this day because I just bought some Empire Strikes Back Stuff.

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Saturday, May 09, 2020

Toy-Ventures: Zorak from Big Jim's PACK

This week we go back to 1976 and take another look at a figure from one of my favourite toy-lines, Zorak, not only was he Big Jim's first bad guy, he was a bit of a trendsetting toy concept and one that would become the norm for action figure brands for years to come.

We explore who invented the "Double Trouble" face changing concept and not only about Zoltar but the new deluxe Big Jim Commander that gets really angry.

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Thursday, May 07, 2020

5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

A Whole display of Chu-Bops- Remember the bubble gum records? I had tons of these and as much as I loved Neil Diamond now, I have to wonder what kid wanted the Jazz Singer back then? I'll take ten now but hindsight is 20/20.

Dr. Shrinker Puzzle- Please buy this before i do. I don't collect all Krofft stuff but man I love Dr. Shrinker at a "Bigfoot and Wildboy" level but just below "Electra Woman and Dynagirl".

Star Trek Tanktop by Donmoor- I am a stern believer in sleeves but if there was anyone to make me break that rule, it's Mr. freaking Spock! Sadly, it's child's size six and I'll never that again.

Hot Wheels MegaForce vehicle- DEEDS NOT WORDS! Oh Man, Megaforce promised to be the next Star Wars but had one problem, it was a terrible movie. Mattel had signed on to do action figures and the like but this was it, a single hot wheel and a video cartridge nobody bought.

Hamburglar Statue- for shits and giggles, I just searched "Hamburglar" and sorted by "Highest Price" and brother, it did not disappoint! If I had five thousand dollars US (plus shipping) you know that my kids would tell their friends to "pick them up at the Hamburglar house".


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