Friday, June 30, 2006

Toy Flops of the 1970's Part Two: CB Mchaul

The CB craze was something that taught more than one toy company a valuable lesson, no matter how fast you can turn out a product, sometimes it's just not fast enough to jump on a fad.

CB Mchaul was the Mego attempt to cash in, a series of nine figures, three vehicles (although a fourth was planned) and one playset. The figures and packaging was based on the Mego Comic Action Heroes line.

So everyone was squatting and had that rude gestured hand.

By the time these figures hit the shelves in mid 1977, the song "Convoy" was so last year. So despite having a nice set of vehicles and some beautifully rendered Hal Shull packaging, buyers ordered lightly and old CB was in the clearance aisle by 1978.

Today, there are very few CB McHaul collectors but the insane rarity of certain pieces (such as carded figures) keep their values some what moderate. CB figures are often found broken in package and the vehicles are rarely complete.

I collect CB McHaul and need a few key pieces, if you've got something give me a yell!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Toy Flops of the 1970's Part One: Superjoe

By the mid 1970's, GI Joe, the pioneer of action figures was in a tight spot. Kids were turning their attention to bionic men and Superheroes. Despite trying to emulate this trend (Bulletman anyone?), GI Joe's sales were slipping and Hasbro needed to revamp the concept.

Enter SuperJoe, the 8" Mego like figure with the "1-2 Punch", this new Joe was some sort of outer space explorer/hero/ranger type (Hasbro was always vague with things like this) and he had a series of cool friends and enemies.

Despite a cool light up gizmo and some nice package design, Superjoe was a dud.

Looking back as a kid, I remember the line was kind of "sexless", I got the Shield as a "shut up" toy in a department store and once his flashlight battery burned out, so did i.

As an adult I discovered that Superjoe ain't much fun to collect. His body much like the GI Joe muscle body, breaks apart meaning MOC figures often are just in pieces, so intact figures demand high prices and some of the human figures are uber rare.

What's interesting is that Hasbro pimped this body out using other company names (Like Aviva with their Space Academy figures) and for foreign lines like Ceji.

Super Joe fizzled by 1978, even the popularity of Star Wars (and the lack of product) couldn't make this line fly but as we know, it wasn't the end of Joe.

On a mego note, there is an update to the World's Greatest Toys blog It's not great news however.....

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Cool Superhero Toys from 1978

The late night screening of Superman Returns had me go back to 1978 and see what kind of Super Merchandise they offered. A far cry from the the 1976 explosion, it still has some old staples still around today (they're just not as fun) I tried to keep this DC specific.

Viewmasters- Take that DVD's, we had the good guys pack and it ruled. I never had it but a kid in my class did, I was haunted when Black Adam turned to dust.

Oddly enough a friend of mine dropped by my office eight years ago and accidently left the Marvel version of this on my desk, it's still here! Mark come get this crap!

Utility belts- Remco cranked these out for years, whether it was perfectly logical (
Batman) or downright Bizarre (the Hulk only had a rope belt people!).

Batmobile - Still faintly resembling the George Barris TV version, sweet!

Mego Superheroes- The finest toys known to man, if that man is me. A lot of figures have come out that are much more articulated and authentic but they have none of that nostalgia. Like I needed another reason to harp on about Mego stuff.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bert and Ernie Deathcar!

Hey Bery are you sure this is safe? I remember this toy in Dominion Play World as a kid, as big as a Bert and Ernie fan that i was (My talking Ernie is in my office as we speak) I could not fathom why they would need a car.

I honestly thought they weren't old enough to drive and why is their car made of garbage? That seems like more of an Oscar the Grouch thing. I guess if Spiderman can have a car anything is possible......

Monday, June 26, 2006

Farrah: The Nightgown

This one kind of confuses me, was Farrah such an idol that teenaged girls wanted to wear clothing that bore her name?

Were teenaged girls in the seventies so dim that they thought this adult equivilant of a Ben Cooper Halloween costume made them look like Farrah? Perhaps I am thinking too hard.

Man Doll News: The Megomuseum has placed a short video up of the Mego Convention that went on last week, be sure to check it out at the Mego Blog.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Challenge of the Super PJ's

pMeanwhile at the widdle hall of justice
Yet another page in the book of Super Hero sleep wear. Here we find the DC trinity and lookie, the boys get capes! Sorry Wonder Woman, For some reason the producers of this outfit decided to be comics accurate for a change.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Toys I love: Fisher Price Adventure People

fisher price adventure people rock my world

I took my kids to see my parents yesterday, my son made a beeline towards the toy box, a strange mixture of my old toys and some from my nephew.

One of the toys my son started playing with was the sea explorer from this set, still 100% intact despite having three different owners and being thirty years old.

I must have had a thousand hours of play from this line and most of it was likely non violent adventure, the whole thing kind of eroded when my mom bought me the TV Action Team , by that time I was busy with Superheroes.

One of these days I'll go after FP Adventure People hard core but for now I'll just keep my originals. After all, I wouldn't want to deplete my Mego money.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Adventures of L'il Larry Flynt

And his sidekick Bobby Guccione!
I remember going through catalogs with my Mom once and noticed she'd frown at leisure suits, when pressed she said "I hated those things and never let you or your father wear them!"

I didn't think it was possible but I like my mom more.
Other Cool Catalog stuff: The Megomuseum just posted another cool scan from the 1981 JC Penney Catalog featuring Dukes of Hazzard and CHiPs, check it out at their forum.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Supertots Attack!

This is the third page of Super Hero related Pajama's you can find in the 1976 Sears Catalog. Unbelievable.

I really like the
Batgirl and WonderWoman versions, they remind me of the Mego Supergals, although the masks bewilder me.

I have only contempt for "Frightens the Clown" and "Freaky Bunny" however, they look like kidnappers from a particulalry disturbing Hawaii Five O I saw at 4 Am once.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Treasury Comics Obsession!

treasury comics are cool!

For a while Rob from the Megomuseum board has been threatening to start a website devoted to treasury edition comics and when he finally did it, he truly exceeded all expectations.

Treasury is one of those sites that grabs you and never let's go, a person can truly browse around for hours marveling at this tribute.

For those not in the know,
Treasury comics are oversized comics that were produced by all of the majors during the 1970s which petered out during the early 1980's. They are a mix of reprints and original material (such as the amazing Superman vs Shazam!)and I will be honest, they are the sole reason I love comic books.

Since Rob started the site, I've probably purchased 10-15 new treasury editions.

A great tribute to the treasury comics appears on the megomuseum with the announcement of the latest trading card, it's a reenactment on the
most famous treasury cover ever.

The Superman Family of Pajama's

Up, up and away!

Yes, it's the whole Super clan, Superman, Superboy and Superwoman? Just another example of the highly creative pajama field, they're dynamos!

Up, up and away!

Supergirl wasn't forgotten, she made for a bunch of cool night shirts. That's the same artwork on the Mego Supergirl box.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Most Over Confident Men in the World

come to papa baby!

Wes Mantooth and Randy Terio Ride again!

It's very rare that you come across a pic this incredible. Not only are these two studs dressed in incredible leisure suits but their expressions are laughable.

Mego Steve commented to me that it reminded him of the movie "Anchorman", that's better than anything I could come up with. I find this picture too hypnotic to come up with clever statements.

Catalog stuff elsewhere: The Mego Museum just posted some amazing scans of the 1973 Monty Wards Mego Dinah Mite page. Well worth a look.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Hello you Fine American Foxes!

Pity Me!

I can't get over this one, dressing your kids like the Festrunk Brothers from Saturday Night Live has got to be considered a form of abuse in certain states.

Not to mention this outfit seems to be made of scraps from
The Pants that should have never been Yeeesh!

Toy Stuff: There are quite a few Scary Ebay scams running for rare toys such as Mego and G.I. Joe, be on the alert, here is a link to a thread talking about it.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Kids today get robbed when it comes to Superhero Pajamas

Look at the frigging selection of Superhero Pajamas

I was flipping through the 2006 Sears Catalog and found their selection of Superhero Pajamas, you have a choice of Superman or Batman. I was curious, so I went back thirty years to see the selection in the 1976 Sears Wishbook.
Holy Night Night Batman! I never even knew there was such a thing as Green Arrow Pajamas or Aquaman for that Matter. Top those items off with the World's Greatest Housecoat and it's a good case for kids having it better in the 70's, at least in the "pajama selection" thing.

What's the kid in the Batman PJ's doing? A Tarzan yell?

Saturday, June 10, 2006

What am I doing to my son?

I saw this site posted on the MegoMuseum, it's all about a confrontation Ed McMahon has with Solomon Grundy from the Seventies TV Specials, Legends of the Superheroes.
It brings me to a funny story, I'm a former video dealer, so my house is littered with crummy VHS bootlegs of things that are mostly now available on DVD.
My 3 year old son, whose head i have been filling mostly with superfriends DVD's (because it's going to make him popular on the play ground when he's the only Aquaman fan) asked for some new cartoons.
I could have turned on treehouse and let him watch Carebears reruns, i guess.

But nooooooo, I dug through and found my copy of Legends of the Superfriends and he loved it! Every moment of it, although he admitted Solomon Grundy scares him, he also admitted to not liking "Egg McMuffin" whoever that is.
So Now I am forced to watch it almost every day, while I'm pleased he picked Black Canary as his favorite, should I really let my son go though life thinking the Legion of Doom are borscht belt comedians?
The trouble worsened when my mother babysat one day and my son asked her to put it on. "isn't that Charlie Callas?" sent shivers down my spine as i headed out the door.
At least it could be worse, I could be showing him the Star Wars holiday special.

Friday, June 09, 2006

The World's Greatest Housecoat

I've never seen this housecoat before but the superhero pattern is so cool. If I found this today, I would wear it and trust me, that is a really disturbing mental image.

One of the things I love about this is the presence of
Shazam! on a lot of seventies merch, he doesn't get that respect today.
Next week I have even more Superhero goodness plus the best catalog pics I have ever seen, they're so good I want to post them now.

For more 70's nonsense check out the Megomuseum Blog, where today's feature is a rare Superman toy.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Words Fail me

I have to stop that Delta House

Man, where do i begin? The mind races with too many jokes. I know this guy thinks he's "Da Bomb" but those pants! Are they from the "Ted Knight Collection" for young men?

This guy reminds me of one of those villians from an "Animal House" rip off, "Charles Van Landingham from Preppie House"

Ugh, I'm sure as I hot post I'll think of something funnier........

The MegoMuseum has some pretty big mego news today, worth a look.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Punch Clowns confuse me

Punch clowns have never made sense to me, I take that back, I comletely understand why somebody would want to beat up a clown, they're creepy. It's stuff like Snoopy and Batman that I don't get, you obviously love the characters, why would you want to pummel them?

These kind of Punch Clowns always remind me of a new years eve party my parents went to in the seventies. The people having the party had a son my age and they shoved us both in the basement. The kid was extremely hyperactive and actually scared me a little, I watched him beat a punch clown about a thousand times as he laughed maniacally.

His next game of "Let my Guinea Pig free, turn off the lights and run around" was something I decided to miss and I actually left the basement, snuck into the TV room and watched "A Man called Sloan" episodes. Happy New Year!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Superhero Rain Coats!

Some more things I never see at toyshows, vintage raincoats. I like how Batman and Robin look like their emulating a Golden Age comic pose while the Superman is your standard old silver age artwork that's older than the kid wearing it.

I also enjoy like the bionic man slicker, this is from Sears 1976 BTW, it looks like Steve Austin is coming out of the time tunnel....

The Mego Meet Wrap up continues at the Mego Museum Blog. If you missed going this is the best way to recap events.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Really Cool Superhero T Shirts

I am really captivated by these shirts, it's something you just wouldn't see in these days full of uniform looking style guides.
Overall I'd say my favourite of the bunch is this one for Tarzan.

I would wear this shirt today if i could.....

On the
Mego side of town I am posting a log of the events of this past week's mego convention, please come check it out.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Couples shouldn't dress alike part trois

AIIHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Can you imagine opening a box that contained his and her night dresses? Especially ones that made you look for the footprint when William Shatner drop kicked them?

What's hilarious about this for me is the guy's expression, he's a little too pleased to be in this get up.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Couples shouldn't dress alike Part Deux

It's very rare to see the woman get the short end of the stick in this combination but here it is! I wish I had better example than a 60/40 but I can't, usually the outfit is too femmy for the man .Anyway you slice it "Dress alikes" are bad, if you're still not convinced wait until tomorrow's chamber of horrors!


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