Thursday, April 30, 2020

Special Toy-Ventures Announcement! turned 14 this week and I wanted to talk about some exciting projects we're working on. So please join me live from my grandmother's basement where I'll explain what I'm up to for the rest of 2020. Join us in the PlaidStallions Facebook group:

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Croner Buck Rogers

Croner Buck Rogers

Courtesy of my friend Will AKA The Toltoys Kid on Instagram, I present what I believe to be one of the rarest 70s toy lines ever. The Croner Buck Rogers action figure series.

 It's so rare that I don't even know how many characters were made but I have seen a Tiger Man and this Buck, so at least two. Twiki is a safe bet too.

Croner Buck Rogers

And while it's natural to assume this is repackaged Mego figure, it isn't. It's nearly 5.5" tall and only uses the same card art as Mego. Now, Will's site has evidence that the Mego line did make it to Australia as well but it's not know if Croner did that as well.

It's very curious that Australia would have toys so similar (even if this figure appears to have limited to no articulation) but it also happened in the United Kingdom.

Croner Buck Rogers
I'm thrilled to finally see something that I've been curious about for so long, that's what makes toy collecting so interesting.

Thanks again to Toltoys Kid on Instagram for sharing. 

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Monday, April 27, 2020

The Mom's New Friend Collection

Presenting the "Mom's New Friend" collection, each gorgeous corduroy ensemble comes pre-worn with the unique odor of Jovan Musk, Wild Turkey, &Salems embedded right into the fabric.

It's the perfect ensemble for a man who will avoid eye contact and refer to you as "sport".

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Friday, April 24, 2020

5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

Evel Knievel Challenge Machine- Yeah, Japan was not immune to the charms of Evel Knievel as evidenced by this Japanese version of the popular toy. I don't why the Japanese version of something always looks cooler but it usually does.

1970s Batman and Robin necktie- While Superhero neckties are absolutely commonplace these days, it wasn't particularly popular to fly your geek flag in the 1970s, so this tie which looks like Batman is drawn by a guy who designs neck ties is freaking fascinating to me.

Walking Kooky Creature Kit- I honestly don't know if I remember this but it sure looks familiar, i love the idea of making your own puppet monster. I probably had an older cousin who had this or something...

Blake's 7 UK Annual- Oh how I love UK hard back annuals and Blake's 7. I'll probably end up buying one of these from the seller this week. UK annuals covered a million subjects like Kojak, Max Headroom and even Thunderbirds 2086 (Oh God I love Thunderbirds 2086!) I wish had more money right now.

Robin Hang Glider toy by Jotastar- I own one of these and do so on principle, Robin doesn't get enough toy love. Batman usually hogs all the glory and I mean, the Hulk has more vehicles than Dick Grayson in the toy world. This is righting a serious wrong.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Toy-Ventures: More Knock Off Superheroes

Time to delve into the magical world of Knock Off or bootleg action figures again with these classics from the 1970s, the weirdest justice league ever consisting of Aquaman, Superman and um.......Bat-Phantom-Solider-Man?

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Monday, April 20, 2020

Jumpsuits...Fashion's Great New Look!

I think when this is all over, we should all emerge from our homes in matching Jumpsuits like these, who is with me? I've already signed me and the missus up for mustard yellow. As an added bonus, I'm going to bedazzle "His" and "Hers" on the backs. What a fine day that will be....

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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Colouring Book Theater: Wonder Woman Faces the Menace of the Mole Men!

wonderbug Colouring Book Time to crack open another vintage colouring book and see the madness inside!

Wonder Woman faces the Menace of the Mole Men!

This book is from 1975 and is available in two sizes, in previous CBT segments I've reviewed the Batman and Shazam books in this series.

The first thing I want to point out is how much I love how angry Wonder Woman is on the cover, the male heroes are all smiling but not Diana!

So grab your crayons and check out this adventure after the jump! 

Thursday, April 16, 2020

5 Awesome things on eBay this week

Ideal Monster Squad Prototypes- My week started with a friend sending me this link and then that repeated for the next 24 hours with all sorts of "HAVE YOU SEEN THIS??????" type emails. I guess anyone who knows me, knows that I completely adore the 1976 Monster Squad television series and these would be important to me.

These figures will haunt me but currently, I'm unemployed and honestly, I am still in some sort of shock that they exist. To me, they look like the catalog prototypes and it's just so wonderful to know they survived, I'm zen with whoever gets these but I sincerely hope I'm friends with them.

Large Collection Vintage 1966-70s Hai Karate Iced Cologne After Shave Jade East- Often joked about on this blog "Hai Karate" is the ultimate smell of 1970s based smells, sorry London Fog. This is the motherlode of female attention folks, I don't think you're ready for it. Forget I mentioned it. You won't be able to handle it.

Jaws 2 Promotional Cup- Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the dishwasher. Actually, you shouldn't put this in a dish washer, more of "hand wash" kinda thing....

Bionic Banks- These are just so incredibly charming, I should own these someday.

Japanese Gerry Anderson UFO book and record set- It's just like Power Records, except you can't understand a word unless you're Japanese. Ok, I admit it's flawed but it's also amazing, I already own one or I'd be all over this.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Toy-Ventures: Popy World Heroes

This week's episode is all about the greatest toys you never had as a kid, unless you grew up in Japan that is. The Popy World Heroes are an amalgamation of the Kenner Star Wars figures with the greatest TV Superheroes Japan had to offer. I'm talking Power Rangers! I'm talking Ultra-Man and his many, many brothers and my personal favourite Kamen Rider and his arch enemies. Popy World Heroes are the kind of crazy the world needs. Discuss this with us at the Pod Stallions Facebook group:

Tiger Queen

Not the "husband killing one" this is an unrelated Tiger Queen. There can be two!

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Friday, April 10, 2020

5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

1978 Japan Bullmark POPY Spider-Man Leopardon Daimos Starzinger Sofubi vinyl set- This is actually licensed not like those sets you see at the Flea Market with Superman and Mr. Incredible. It's an amazing combination of Spider-Man and his robot, Daimos from Shogun Warriors, Starzinger from Force Five and the Hero character from the "Message from Space" television series. A pretty epic group if you ask me.

1970s Spectreman Japanese Flicker Card Store Display Fantastic Dr. Gori Artwork- Like a lot of you, I have a soft spot for the wonderfully weird "Spectreman" television series' I don't own a lot of the merchandise but I'd like to. This store display is magical.

Spider-Man Battle Of The Laser Lights Hulk 1978 LJN Toys unknown item- For years I wasn't entirely sure if this toy got made, yet here one is in the box no less. A sort of Laser Tag meets "Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots" concept, I can see why it wasn't a big hit. Doesn't make it less cool though.

80s Doctor Who Ultimate Experience Memorabilia Lot Jon Pertwee Colin Baker- Ah the 80s when Doctor Who had a second stage production and it starred my favourite Doctor and then later my not-so favourite Doctor, I never got to see this. I should see if there is anything on Youtube, ADHD powers activate! What was i doing again?

1970s Vintage Japanese Gatchaman Battle of The Planets Vinyl Lunch Bag Beach Bag- Does everyone know I love Battle of the Planets by now, it's true, I do. Even my kids are sick of that story, carry on.

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