Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Space: 1999 Contest Winners

I forgot to mention the winners to our Space:1999 toy contest, for those who didn't get it the answer to the question: "Who Created Space:1999"? was Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, I also accepted simply Gerry Anderson.

The 3 runners up who get a set of PS trading cards (that's 1 through 8 plus a slmie sticker) are:

Chuck Soileau
John T Hilliard
Joe Stanley
And the grand prize winner of the two CTVT figures is:

Steve Shelley

If you didn't include your address please send it to me otherwise, I'll ship these out. Look for more contests in the very near future.


chunky B said...

Doh! How did I miss this contest!!!

Congrats to all the winners!

Unknown said...

Me too... how did I miss this??

Congrats to the winners though! Space 1999 was one cool show with the best near realistic space vehicle design to be seen on TV.


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