Friday, July 18, 2008

The Coolest Batman Toys of the 1970's

the top ten coolest batman toys of the 1970s
With the release of "the Dark Knight" this weekend (which I can't see until next week, grrrr!) it seemed apt to pay homage to the multitude of merchandising that has been created in the Caped Crusader's name, particularly during the 1970's.

How did Bruce Wayne make his millions? Merchandising!

No Superhero is a bigger pimp in the toy aisle than Batman, his complusion for gimmicks means everything with his face on it makes some sort of sense.
The Seventies were the second round of "Bat-Mania" for children, all hopped up on syndicated runs of the 1966 Television series and the added gut punch of Batman being on two separate Saturday Morning series at the same time.

This made for a dumpster full of "Batchandise" (it's a word, I swear...) and here are the ten best pieces from that decade:

Did we miss your favorite? Leave us some feedback and tell us what it is!


chunky B said...

$3.28 for a Corgi Batmobile and Batboat??? Sold! I'll email you my shipping information! LOL!

The Remco Belt was awesome, I agree it should be on the list, and I remember the Sears Batmobile peddle car, man I wanted one of those sooooo bad.

I think the only thing missing from the list is the Parachute Batman! The rest is spot on!

Plaidstallions said...

Man, the parachute figure was so on the bubble but it lost to the helicopter.

Anonymous said...

3 things:

1. What would possess Batman and Robin to put "Bang", "Pow", and "Zap" stickers on their van? The thought of an "Ass,Grass,Gas" bumper sticker on the back cracks me up.

2. What a pathetic shot of the Playsuit! It looks like a geriatric Batman yelling "Stay off my lawn you lousy kids!"

3. In that Desk Set, Batman is squatting a little too close to that pencil-sharpening rock if you ask me. It looks all kinds of wrong.

Bubbashelby said...

I want it all!

wurwolf said...

Enjoy The Dark Knight when you see it next week. We've seen it twice this weekend!


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