Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Evel Knievel Stunt World

This is something I've never seen before but it makes a tremendous amount of sense. A play case complete with diecast vehicles, allowing you to reenact some of Evel's more famous stunts. The world could use more playcases now.

What's on DVD:
Space Angel- I spent hours watching this cartoon on City TV back in the day, it wasn't the story or the wonderful Alex Toth design, I was fascinated (and creeped out) by the "Synchro Vox" process. Meaning, real human lips were superimposed on all the characters. The animation is super limited but I'm glad to see this getting a DVD release.
Dark Shadows Volume 5- I've never been able to get into this gothic soap opera but I've always admired it. Since it was a daily show, being a fan means a huge investment in DVDs, perhaps it's for the best....


chunky B said...

"Remember Evel Knievel's spectacular jump at Snake River Canyon in September of 1974?"

I sure do, Launch and Ka-Splash!

I remember wanting this play case, how cool is that a 3-D landscape and die cast vehicles! Didn't get it, but I remember getting a larger die cast of the Snake River Rocket!

wurwolf said...

That playcase is sweet. I would totally have used that for my little animals.

Also, loved Dark Shadows. I have fond memories of my older sister and I watching it after school.

JFStan said...

I used to watch Space Angel on our local production of The Funny Company with Cactus Pete back in the 70's.

It's funny how the synchro-vox technique seemed innovative, but the rest of the "animation" seriously suffered because of it. :)


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