Saturday, July 19, 2008

Blah! A New Trading Card!

I managed to squeak out a few new Plaidstallions Trading cards this month and while they are not in my hands yet (soon!) I thought I'd share the first one now.

The AHI Monsters were an easy choice for card #5, I've grown rather smitten with them since I started covering rack toys for the site (one of the drawbacks of cataloging things is you want to own them). This image from the 1973 Alden's catalog was graciously scanned for me by Benjamin Holcomb, author of the Mego book "World's Greatest Toys".

You might notice that the cards have changed templates, after some contemplation, I decided to abandon the original "Star Warsy" look and go with something more like the site itself. My good pal Steve Leach helped me out and created this awesome new look.

I've got more card reveals coming this month and then some (easy) contests to give them away so stay tuned...


rob! said...

awesome! i LOVE easy contests! and i love monsters, so...

World's Greatest Toys! said...

Awesome. Glad you were able to use the scan to make such a cool card!


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