Monday, July 14, 2008

Duhnuhnuhhnuh Batman Blue Ray Winners

The results are in from our first DVD contest, my kids picked the winners this morning, because I had to be fair, there are now four prize lots. First the answers:

1) Who was the better Riddler, Frank Gorshin or John Astin? There was no wrong answer in this although I was curious if anybody preferred Astin in the role. Hey, I cried when they stopped making new coke, so it's not impossible. For the record, nobody picked Astin, who is a wonderful actor, just not the Riddler.

2) What does Batman have toruble getting rid of in the film? Well it's a bomb but I also would have accepted a shark, seeing as it's technically true.

And now Ze Winners:

1st Prize: (Batman Blue Ray and set of PS cards) Phillip Lozano

2nd Prize: (the Same as 1st) Bill McFarland

3rd Prize: (a Copy of 70's Toy Explosion and some PS cards) Chris Flagg

4th Prize: (a copy of 70's Toy Explosion and PS cards) Dave Bellmont

Congrats to all the winners, I'll be in touch this evening to gather your address info. Hopefully I'll have more fun giveaways soon

Be sure to check out this fun little Batman Boxing Game based on the Movie as well.


Arkonbey said...

Astin is a fine actor. While Gorsham WAS the Riddler, Astin WAS Gomez Aadams.

He was also fine ast Prof. Albert Wickwire.

Something I noticed, the host of public radio's Says You, Richard Sher sounds an awful lot like John Astin to me. Anybody else?

Also, did you know that Gorsham did the voice for the alchemist in the desert town of Diablo 2?

Joe Sherlock said...

I loved New Coke, too.


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