Friday, March 29, 2019

5 Awesome things on Ebay this week

A whole roll of vintage Star Wars wallpaper- This was in my bedroom from 1979 until 1989 and a girlfriend giggled at it. Looking at is just pure infused childhood, also my mom was wallpaper obsessed, my house had a "Sid and Marty Krofft" vibe about it, I'm guessing that had a lasting effect on me.

1/6th Doll of Patrick McGoohan from The Prisoner- Oh my stars, I want this more than air right now. I'm not even that big on 12" action figures (despite owning dozens) but I am such a big fan of this series it doesn't matter, this is seriously wonderful.

Archie Bunker T-Shirt by Crazy David- "Crazy David" was this cool Toronto T-Shirt Business that had ads in National Lampoon and Comic Books in the mid-1970s. My dad was a distributor and at one point we had the "Crazy David" van parked in our driveway, which was a status thing when you're six. As you can imagine, samples abounded and I had a rich, full wardrobe of shirts featuring "Fonzie", "Welcome Back Kotter" and others. It all came crashing down and David himself kind of disappeared, probably a neat story in there.

Jointed Cornelius from Planet of the Apes by Our Way Studios- This one is a little damaged but it's tempting me because I've always wanted it. I believe the artist is Mike Ploog who did some Planet of the Apes comics for Marvel. If I had the cash, I'd buy this, also I'd need wall space.

A-Team Grenade Toss Set- My buddy Dave sent me this and while I'm not as big an A-Team fan as him, it is kind of wonderful absurd. It's a cardboard box with 3 grenades, the kind of toy that probably will never see the light of day again. Also, are you killing the A-Team?

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Mr. Smith Money Set

One of the beautiful thing about Rack Toys is they are proof of some of televisions weirdest moments, I didn't dream that show about the super intelligent talking Orangutan who works for the government.

Ja-Ru must have got these to shelves in time for the show's cancellation.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Toy-Ventures 14: Hombre Bionico from Kid Acero (Cipsa Toys)

Toy-Ventures this week talks about the incredible Hombre Bionico from the Mexican series "Kid Acero" which is based on Mattel's Big Jim. 

 We get into why I think this is the greatest incarnation of Big Jim and showcase some of the cool figures that were done fromn1976 to 1980. 

Trust me, these are the figures you wished you had as a kid! 

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Monday, March 25, 2019

Sweet Revenge

That steely look in his eyes? He's just daydreaming about the poor quality nursing home he's going to put his parents in some magical day...

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Friday, March 22, 2019

5 awesome things on ebay this week

FunStuf Septor the stretchable space warrior- I seriously had never heard of this Stretch Armstrong knock off until i was in my 30s, he even has a (disappointing) villain by name of Garth.

Ultra-Seven Baseball Glove- Combining two Japanese passions, Ultraman and Baseball. This would have kept my interest during my punishingly long experiences in "extreme outfield" as a kid.

Skateboarding Horshack- I've never seen this before, boy, toymakers really thought the Sweathogs were the next Beatles.

Canadian Star Wars Coke Poster- Not a big Star Wars guy but seeing this instantly brings back some happy memories. This was a fun summer.

Electric Company Naomis Magical Match Up Game- I loved the Electric Company as a kid, it felt like a more "adult" version of sesame street. I never knew there were toys!

Black Hole Masks!

These wonderful masks from Italy are from my friend John's collection, they're exactly like the Ben Cooper/Collegeville designs but there was never a smock to go with it.

Honestly, I am just awash in envy about that Humanoid mask, I have a weird affliction for the brain dead zombies of Dr. Reinhart and always will. I really want to thank John for sharing these amazing artifacts.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Toy-Ventures 13- Battle of the Planets action figures from France

Toy-Ventures 13 talks about the awesome series of action figures based on the popular television series "Battle of the Planets". These are the action figures we craved and totally deserved as kids but sadly never got.

I go into my reasons as to why I love Battle of the Planets and showcase my small but well loved collection.

Say "Transmute" and join me, won't you?

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Friday, March 15, 2019

5 awesome things on Ebay

Battle Star Galactica Wall Paper- One of the collections I wish I could start but probably never will is children's licensed wall paper. A lot of it is gorgeous and I'd like to cover a room with it. This can be yours for $20.

Monster Killer Laser Car- Remember that cool device that shot energy bolts at Godzilla and the Gargantuas? They made a toy of it, also I now know what it's called. What a big day for me.

The Black Hole Slide Projector Set- Every once in a while I find things that i don't know i've seen before, this item from the UK is definitely one of them.

Mike Power Secret Mission-  Hasbro repackaged some old GI Joe sets for use with their new Atomic Superhero. I have no memory of these, which is weird because I was really into this stuff at that point. Anyway, they're really hard to get and cost a lot.

V British Annual - For those not in the know, an annual is a UK phenomenon, a hardbound book filled comics, stories and games that you traditionally got for Christmas. I had tons of them as a kid (mostly Doctor who and the Beano) but they made tons of these and I'm a total junkie. I need this one but I'm tapped out right now.

Go Ape at Toys R Us!

Not much to add to this except, all of it please, all of it.

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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Family Drawers

I don't think an army of therapists could wash away the scars of posing with my parents in matching underwear...nopenopenope.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Archie at Riverdale High

Archie comics and cartoons ruled when I was a kid and I would have loved to have these groovy figures by Marx toys. However, I just don't remember them so Jughead never got to team up with Batman and Big Jim.

Oh, the adventures they would have had!

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Monday, March 11, 2019

Toy-Ventures 12: Godzilla Battles the Tricephalon Monster

Toy-Ventures talks about the amazing playset produced by HG Toys called "Godzilla battles the Tricephalon Monster" and gives you a look at why this underrated toy is an eight-year-olds dream. 

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Friday, March 08, 2019

5 Awesome Things on Ebay

David Carradine Kung Fu Iron On Transfer- I have a mild obsession with the TV series "Kung Fu" and this is from Neal Adams, so this should be mine but I can't swing it right now. IT TASKS ME!

Santo Photocomic- I'm not much for Wrestling but I loves me some Santo, this photo comic where he battles Women Deviless is right up my alley. I hope the next cinematic universe is Santo.

Spanish Poster for "Baffled"- There is a poster for the TV pilot that Leonard Nimoy made in 1973? I want it!

A carded Space:1999 Zython- Crap in a hat, does the internet not know my children want to go to college? Agggghhhh!

Sword and the sorcerer Rack toy by Fleetwood- Few R Rated movies got toys and even less Albert Pyun movies did. This is special and should be celebrated.


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