Thursday, July 10, 2008

Empire Hot Cycles!

I love this ad from Empire, I especially like the little girl's Hulk costume but would the Hulk's cycle have frills?
Link of Interest: 1979 Empire Toys Catalog


Arkonbey said...

would the Hulk's cycle have frills?

She-Hulk. Duh!

Big Wheels, the best toy ever. Plus, you couldn't lose your kid when they were riding those noisy things.

Ian Sokoliwski said...


wurwolf said...

God, I loved my Big Wheel, even if it wasn't pink and frilly. Mine was red and yellow and (I think) black. It was fully awesome.

The best part, of course, was the hand brake on the side. Man, you could spin forever if you turned the wheel just right!

wurwolf said...

Hey arkonbey, you're right about the noise. I can still remember the crunchy sound those wheels made going down the sidewalk.

Arkonbey said...

Wurwulf: Ha! mine had a hand brake AND that little trunk thing!

That brake was great for doing those 'massive' wheel-eroding skids

Bubbashelby said...

Because what little girl doesn't love the Hulk?

wurwolf said...

Lucky! Trunk thing! I never had that.

I still remember the adjustable seat -- a piece of plastic with pegs on the bottom so you could move it closer or further away from the handlebars. Mine was always pretty far up. I was a tiny little thing.

tjo' said...

Is the little boy on the front right supposed to be Michael Winslow from "Police Academy"?


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