Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bring Back the Jumpsuit!

As a form of protest, these ladies will stand on one leg until the Jumpsuit is brought back as a fashion "do" item.

New on DVD this Week:

First and Foremost, I have to rave about Spaced, a late nineties UK series about a group twenty somethings. You'll recognize much of the cast from Shaun of the Dead and with good reason, this series inspired the movie.

If you've ever lived with roommates, had a crappy job and been somewhat comic and Star Wars obsessed than Spaced will sing to you, I promise.

Also out is Robert Smigel's parody series TV Funhouse which was a painfully funny satire of low rent kids shows and Sesame Street. Heed my words though, it ain't for kids.

Robot Chicken Star Wars is from the hit Cartoon Network series and uses Mego dolls to parody the classic series , does anyone else see the irony in that?


Anonymous said...

To me, it looks like they're dancing around because they really need to "go", but they're stuck in those things now & it'll take an hour to get out of them. Jumpsuits were an accident waiting to happen!

wurwolf said...

I like how the style of jumpsuit goes down as you move down the line. First is the red one, maybe not everyone's taste but still stylish, with its gold zipper and kicky belt tied off to the side. Next is white, which is summery and fun until you look at the floral design. This design looks like you went to the craft store for a stencil and made it yourself. Then finally we have OH DEAR GOD.

rob! said...

that girl on the right is the sidekick of Flash villain The Rainbow Raider, Trixie.

Arkonbey said...

I knew they existed, but luckily, nobody in my young life ever wore one.

Spaced: I'm curious about it. I've heard mixed reviews. Some say it's utterly hilarious and others say it's an unfunny Red Dwarf knock-off.

Plaidstallions said...

Unfunny Red Dwarf Knock Off? You must be thinking of "Hyper Drive" which also stars Nick Frost. Spaced isn't a sci fi show at all, although it's referenced.

Arkonbey said...

Ahhh. Thanks!

tjo' said...

Spaced is brilliant. If you are reading this blog, i'm pretty sure you're exactly the sort who would like Spaced. If you're still reading this post, my God, the show was meant for you.

Jinxie Beaverhausen said...

C. Rainbow Brite all growned up.


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