Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Future is Fantastic!

Batman toys by Azrak Hamway Inc

After their runaway success with the Star Trek line of toys, it shouldn't come as a shock that AHI snapped up the rights to this then new series Space:1999.
"Sci Fi mania" was sweeping America thanks to the reruns of Star Trek playing in syndication across America and Space:1999 promised to be even a bigger hit. It had a huge budget, incredible special effects and name stars Martin Landau and Barbara Bain. While the series didn't replace Star Trek, we did get some cool toys out of the deal.

Azrak Hamway Eagle One

The Eagle Transporter was one of the more memorable things about the series and honestly has it's own fan base.

Azrak Hamway martin landau

More Parachuting, AHI always managed to sneak these in. This one is a pretty good likeness of Martin Landau.

Eagle pilot from Space:1999

This is an Eagle pilot, I'm going to pretend it's Alan Carter.

Azrak Hamway Moon Buggy

The Memorable Moon Buggies didn't get enough merchandise.

This is part of our (hopefully) growing
AHI Space:1999 Toy Gallery.

Thirsty for more Space:1999 Toys? check out these links for the 1976 and 1977 Mattel Toys Catalogs...

Space:1999 . Mattel Boys Toys.

I noticed a lot of cool 70's related DVDs came out in the past few weeks and thought I'd draw attention to them:

The Second Season of Streets of San Francisco is out today

The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show is something I need to buy, not only because I watched it on Saturday mornings but that EMU gave my wife nightmares as a kid.

The Fourth Season Of Hawaii Five-O also came out recently, I spent my college years watching this show at 3 am. I don't remember any of the episodes.

The Remake of Get Smart also brought us a DVD release of the Nude Bomb
which had Don Adams returning as Max Smart for the big screen (no Barbra Feldon though). I'll probably pick this up, not because it's a good movie (seriously, it's not funny) but I saw it ten times as a kid and has that great shoot out scene in the now defunct Universal Studios Battlestar Galactica ride. I should probably just buy the original series though....

The fourth season of The Incredible Hulk has that great episode where he runs into another Hulk played by Dick "Swamp Thing" Durock. I need this too..


Anonymous said...

I remember seeing that Space:1999 Eagle Transporter in the window of a toy store while my family was on vacation in Wildwood, NJ in the summer of '76. I was tempted to ask my Mom if I could get it, but I wasn't too sure about the green cockpit and landing gear. I never understood why toy companies monkeyed around with the look of an object from a movie or TV show. I guess they thought the all white body wasn't kid-friendly or something.

rob! said...

AHI never met a character they couldn't slap a parachute onto.

wurwolf said...

I don't think I've even heard of Space: 1999 before. I didn't pay much attention to shows like that.

I had forgotten about the Hudson Brothers. I used to watch that show on Saturday mornings. I remember one skit where the brothers were marooned on a deserted island and one of the brothers says, "Well, at least I can work on my tan." And a black guy who had been standing around behind them pops up, smiles big and says, "Oh yeah!"

Ah, racist humor in the 70s.

Arkonbey said...

Man. The only space:1999 toy I was ever privileged to see was a gigantic 'adventure people'-sized Eagle. The dad of my best friend at the time pulled it out of a dumpster for them. They were poor and I was far from too proud to drool over it (I never cared if a toy was new or used).

Rob: no matter how nonsensical!

Wurwolf: check it out! Cheesy space action.

chunky B said...

I never tire of that parachute toy goodness!

Man why aren't these guys still around churning out Darth Vader, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Hellboy, and the like on chutes today?


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