Sunday, July 13, 2008

TV Comix: Bionic Woman

Another US series done in UK fromat from the pages of "Look In" weekly. I think Charlton had the rights to Bionic Woman stateside and I'll blog about that sometime in the future. One of the things about Look In is that you get an idea of what was the hit feature in the book by their use of colour. In the issue I have now, much of it is regulated to Black and White (such as the Man from Atlantis) but the Bionic strips are both in colour.

Jamie goes to a creepy mansion to see a reading of a will, this pretty much reads like an actual episode of the series. The art is excellent but suffers from that one thing I notice in a lot of these, the likeness of the lead character is usually only rendered for a close up and then it's obviously copied from a still. The rest of the time, you're treated to the back of the characters head, this is rampant in TV comics.

man from atlantis comic

I'd say tune in next week but I don't have that issue, check out the Look in links below for that.

For more on Bionic Woman, check out the 1976 Bionic Toys Selection and then you can move on to the 1977 catalog.

For more on Look In, check out these two fantastic and exhaustive sites The Look In Picture Strip Archive and John's Look Out both give you a glimpse of some very cool British 70's pop culture.

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