Friday, July 25, 2008


palitoy talking dalek

Going across the ocean today and back 31 years to look at the marvelous talking toys produced by Palitoy Bradgate. While we're all spoiled by voice chips now, a talking toy was a complicated thing back in the day, involving a tiny record. Palitoy made a variety of these items including the Daleks, Batmobile, heck even Kojak!

These things have special meaning to me as the red Palitoy Talking Dalek was the first vintage toy I ever bought via mail order, right from the classifieds in Starlog magazine back in 1984. I sold it in college lamentably.....

As an extra bonus, I dug up the original commercial!

Check out the 1977 Palitoy Talking Toys Catalog Here

And speaking of Palitoy, let's have a contest.

super neat prize!

I'm giving away a pair of Space:1999 action figures mint on card which are reproductions of the original Palitoy Bradgate series. These are Alan Carter and Paul Morrow and they're in the mego style.

All you have to do is answer this skill testing question:

Who created Space:1999?

Email me your answer and I'll draw a winner next week. 3 runners up will recieve a set of PS cards.

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JFStan said...

Oh, how I would have killed for that Dalek!! I still might.. >:)


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