Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Power Records

power records

Many of us thrilled to comic book and tv/movie adventures in those pre VCR days via Peter Pan record and comic sets. Dig the amazing store display in this article, what a nice thing to find now. For more on Power Records check out this groovy blog


JFStan said...

I still have my Star Trek record (in fact the same one pictured here). I used to love my portable record player.. Recently found one at a rummage sale so I can listen again!

Arkonbey said...

I had that record as well (wasn't that the first appearance of Lt. M'Ress?)

I gave it and an 'Emergency!' record to a DJ I knew. I was in a purging stage and thought he'd do something cool with them. He never did and I never got my records back. Oh, well.

rob! said...

thanks for plug, my friend!

i want that display box soooo bad...


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