Thursday, February 28, 2008

More Sleeping Bag Goodness

superhero sleeping bags

More reminders of my now long gone sleeping bag collection, that supergals one was possibly my favourite of all time, it doesn't hurt that much of it looks like a giant Mego actionf figure package but how often do you see Wondergirl on merchandising?


Anonymous said...

Wonder Woman joined me many a sleepover night in the 80's. Funny thing is my parents still have it and my 5 year-old son sleeps in it when we go visit them. He always gets a kick out of his mom naming the "she-roes."

rob! said...

oh those are sweeet. i woulda killed to have that Batman one, even if i rarely slept over anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Sweet. I had the Batman one. It was actually a hand-me-down but I cherished it when it was mine. Soda stain and all.


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