Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mason Reese endorses Matchbox Fighting Furies

Toyfair 1974: Deviled ham pitchman Mason Reese does a little moonlighting to support the new line of pirate action figures. The Matchbox Fighting Furies were one of the nicest made action figure lines of the 1970's.


Steve said...

Holy cow, I forgot how creepy that kid was. :)

Lady Jaye said...

that's a boy? I thought at first, poor girl...

But of course, god forbid that a girl would be playing with action figures... >_> (says she who grew up playing with 1980s GI Joes and Transformers)

Arkonbey said...

I'm just sorry I missed my chance to get all nostalgic about those toys. Man, I have to do it anyway. They rate as my favorite toy of childhood (next to Adventure People). I can vividly recall that I had the Arab trader accessory set (with that long musket) and the samurai set (with full armor).

I had the peg-leg guy that creepykid is holding. There was another boot you could use to give him the appearance of two working legs. Sweetness.

Went great with my Action Jackson and Big Three Star Trek figures.

Anonymous said...

yea that kid is SUPER Creepy!


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