Saturday, February 02, 2008

Colouring Book Theatre : Big JIm and the P.A.C.K

Big Jim and the Pack Colouring Book When I can on Saturdays, I am going to provide an overview of what's inside of some of the cooler colouring books from the 1970's.

I decided to open with Big Jim and the P.A.C.K seeing as it's based on one of my favourite toy lines of that era.

Whitman had released a Big Jim All Star colouring book a few years earlier as well.

The art in this opus looks to be the work of Tony Tollarico, who was famous for the Dell "Monster Superhero" comics such as Dracula and Frankenstein. If you're into dopey comics check those out.

The action in this story begins in a small town, where all the animals have begun to attack the locals this apparently enough to interest the Professional Agents/Crime Killers and they speed off to investigate.

Big Jim and Warpath look a little cramped in the Lazervette but they immediately know who's behind the attacks.....

Yep it's Zorak, evil lord of the Underworld. Zorak has a plan to rule the world using all of our pets as slaves, he gives them a treat, they obey him.
Actually, I used this same practice on my college roommate's dog.

So Zorak sends a dog to take care of Big Jim, did I mention he also has an army of Robots that look like Knights? I think I'd have sent those first or at least a bear.

Jim quickly shoots the dog with his gun (which puts people to sleep, this is 1976) and faces the army of Robot knights giving this brave speech while apparently wearing lip gloss.....

THEN HE FRIGGING RUNS AND HIDES! Leaving the P.A.C.K team to clean up the mess, I guess he meant to finish that brave statement with "By P.A.C.K, I meant those guys"

Jim of course, chases down Zorak and gives him a look at what his team did, probably taking credit too. All is won and the P.A.C.K ride off into the sunset.

Got a colouring book you'd like to guest review? Drop me a line!


Anonymous said...

That is killer. I love the cover; just the idea that a guy who runs around topless is climbing out of a sewer - why wouldn't he put a shirt on? Is there some unwritten law in comic books/toys that heroes and villains could never change from their chosen costume?

Steve said...

I love how it looks like they're riding in a pedal car together.

wurwolf said...

I love that you say he's wearing lipgloss while giving his speech. I totally lost my shit when I read that!


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