Monday, February 18, 2008

The Fisher Price Adventure People Debut

fisher price adventure people

Toy Fair 1975: One of the most influential toy lines of the 70's emerges in 1975 with the birth of the adventure people

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Arkonbey said...

I've got a brand new niece. I'm going to be hitting eBay looking for Adventure People and stockpiling them until she is old enough to play with them.

I personally don't believe there has ever been a better toy.

narvolicious said...

Aw man. My parents used to take me to Fedco religiously to get the latest FP Adventure People playsets. I think they really dug how realistic they were. And as far as playability? These things were my favorite toys by far. I had everything on that page except for the helicopter set...and so much more.

In agreement with Arkonbey...I'm totally gonna get this stuff for my son. I'm sure he'll dig it.

I also agree that there's never been a better toy. =)


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