Friday, February 29, 2008

Return of the Vintage Toy Store Pictures

vintage toy store pictures part five click here to see

This has to be one of my favourite obsessions, finding pictures of toy stores and aisles past. So I'm really pleased to be coming out with Vintage Toy Stores Part Five with a collection of images that feature classic toys of the seventies including Mego Superheroes, Adventure Team G.I. Joes, Aurora Monster Models, View Masters, Tonka Trucks and of course, Star Wars action figures.

If you're digging this then please check out Part One, Part Two and Part 3 and Part 4 in this series. I hope to bring Part 6 in the next few months, wish me luck!


chunky B said...

Those are some great pictures! The Star Wars aisle was simply amazing and the train set up brought back some memories as well!

Arkonbey said...

Ah, more memories. Never saw a Children's Palace, but went to Child World in Shrewsbury, MA a lot. It's a Michael's now.

Say, do you know if there was ever a Children's Palace in Westbrook, ME? There's a Marden's salvage store there with those turrets on it.


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