Saturday, February 16, 2008

Colouring Book Theatre: The Superfriends

Superfriends Colouring Book Today's colouring book is one I had as a kid, the Super Friends, yep, the "Wendy & Marvin" version of the show.

This isn't just a cover with stock art of the DC comics heroes, this book is completely faithful to the original series.

It's a non violent, positive message adventure from start to finish.

Whitman did an exceptional job with this one, the art mimicks Alex Toth's designs better than the DC comic adapataion ever did.

It's pretty obvious that Whitman was provided a lot of reference material from Hanna Barberra, I'll explain why down below.

It should be known that I got in a fight with a neighbourhood chum in 1977 when he decided to get liberal with his colour choices. Superman isn't yellow Michael C, where ever you are!

The story starts out rather innocently with the Superfriends working out in the park. You get pages like "walking is healthy" and shots of Marvin working out with dumbells. Then you get this scene of Robin getting grossed out by health food followed up by Wendy and Marvin hiding the health food in a bush (!)

This is a swipe of a classic Neal Adams drawing that made it onto a couple of Mego packages. After they work out, it's Superman's birthday, Supes gets a Fish from Aquaman and a Bat from Batman, I detect a theme....

The party takes a turn for the worse when the world is being invaded by the Sea Weed people, who capture Aquaman. The Sea Weed King is actually a villian from an old Galaxy Trio Cartoon, HB really dug deep for this guy. Eventually Aquaman escapes and the Superfriends find uses for their Sea Weed, which includes making crappy furniture, baskets and Wonder Woman makes a Salad.

I get it, the dynamic duo don't like to eat healthy. I imagine the Batmobile floors are just whopper wrappers and Big Gulp cups. The Seaweed King shows up and is shown all the junk that can be made from his "Weed" that he can now start selling at Flea Markets.

He thanks the "Surface People" (doesn't that piss off Aquaman?) and everything is alright in the end. Hooray!

Got a colouring book you'd like to guest review? Drop me a line!

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JBL said...

Holy crap, I had this! At one point Aqua Man gets his foot stuck in a giant clam I believe? And I remember Wonder Woman looked sort of hot with that salad bowl. I must of been no more than 3. Such a wonderful site you have here. Thank you so much for the memories!


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