Monday, February 18, 2008

Retro Toy Fair Coverage : 1975 gets all Bionic!

toy fair 1975

Toyfair 1975 was held from February 16 to the 18th of that year, a pretty signifigant year as many iconic toys from the 70's (some spilling over into the 80's) were born, including the big guy below:

kenner six million dollar man doll debuts in 1975

Upon seeing Steve Austin, many of us said "Mike Power Who?" and begged our parents for the amazing Kenner Bionic Man. Below is the toy fair promo reel courtesy of you tube:

Kenner Bionic Man Promo Reel

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Anonymous said...

What a great Bionic Man clip. I was amazed at how much the plot sounded like the basis of an entire season of "24". Also loved the cool perspective bait & switch at the very end. My first reaction was "wait - Steve had kung fu grip?"


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