Friday, February 01, 2008

1977 Berwick Toys Catalog

Most North Americans have probably never heard of UK based Berwick toys before but that should change because they created a lot of fun and inspired licensed items for the English market.

Berwick's main items seem to be role play such as their line of play suits and games, while all the American standards are there such as Mr Spock and the Hulk, UK specific characters such as Captain Britain and Doctor Who are present as well.

Check out the 1977 Berwick Toys Catalog


Anonymous said...

The Batman costume looks pretty much the same as the one I had here in the states. I also like the deluxe Six Million Dollar Man costume. I never liked the costumes where they slapped a giant picture of the character on the shirt, as if the character would walk around with a picture of himself on his chest.

Swinebread said...

Captain Briton! I guess he really was popular in the UK.

rob! said...


is there a Captain Canuck costume up there by you, Brian?

Anonymous said...

Love the Captain Britain.

And it's funny how the first Bionic Man costume comes with a mask, but Jamie Somers doesn't.

ste.t said...

Had to smile ,my dad worked for this company back then ,and i had to put the suits on one by one one day and strike superman type poses for the camera for one of these catalogs,most if not all the kids of the managers would get a chance to be in one of the catalogs at some point,i used to love Saturdays as i would go to the factory,help out assembling toys and best of all go in the room where all the samples of prototype toys from all over the world were sent in the hope that a company would buy the idea ,and produce kept,basically a giant toy room of toys that had never been produced yet for the mass market,slime rings a bell!!


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