Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Shindana Toys for 1977

Toy Fair 1977: Shindana's crime fighting "Slade" figure out cools just about any other action figure this year. I still want a Redd Foxx doll as well.


JFStan said...

I know I have the 2-sided Flip Wilson doll in my collection, but I can't remember if I have a Redd Foxx.. Time to go a-digging!

Anonymous said...

"They say this cat Slade is a bad mother..."
"I'm jus' talkin 'bout Slade!"

On second thought, maybe he's supposed to be BIG JIM SLADE from "Kentucky Fried Movie"!
"Hey kids, get your sister's Barbie and re-enact the scene where Big Jim Slade carries the woman off for some sweet sweet lovin' by the fire . . ."


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