Monday, February 11, 2008

By Your Command

I like classic Battlestar Galactica more as an adult than I ever did as a kid, making me wonder why I ever had to have these figures so bad.

I would have loved to have found Baltar, Lucifer and Gold Cyclon as a wee one but they're still evading me into adulthood. In the early ninties, I spent some weekends working with John Colicos (Baltar) and during a car ride mentioned his action figure, even he didn't have one.

More Fun: 1979 Mattel Battlestar Galactica Catalog


JFStan said...

I loved these toys as a kid.. Even though the larger scale figures were canabalized from Captain Laser molds, the Cylon still rocked.

chunky B said...

jfstan, I wanted that larger Cylon so bad when I was a kid, but I never found one. Just pics in the Sears Catalog. Santa also didn't deliver on this guy.

I did have the Cylon Raider (with shooting missles) plus the Cylon and Daggit action figures. Those were some awesome toys. the latter two picked up at TG&Y back in the day!

Battlestar Rocked!

Arkonbey said...

I had one of the small cylons, but couldn't afford the ships (Check out the prices; those were comparatively expensive, no?). So, I made a viper out of a paper towel roll, three toilet paper rolls and some cardboard.

I also tried to make a cylon raider out of a couple of donut boxes. I worked on it for a week, but my design was too ambitious for my materials and it fell apart. I really wanted one of those raider ships. Looks much cooler than the toy viper.

I had enough adventure people anyway...

Anonymous said...

My favorite toy as a kid was the Vertibird - I never knew there was a Battlestar Galatica version - very cool! Also, I have never seen the Battlestar Mattel Electronics game which is identical their "Missile Attack" game just with different decals on it.

Swinebread said...


I had a Cylon, Adama, Daget, and Cylon Comander

Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

I remember when all hell broke loose after some kids choked on the little missiles that shot out of the Viper and Cylon ships. Parents were being told to take the toys away from their kids or disable the firing mechanisms -- even kids who were, like, 10 years old and actually had brains.

Of course it was those who ignored the warnings and left the toys unmolested who are laughing now as complete BSG spaceships are collectables and probably worth more than the disabled, non-missile ones.

Anonymous said...

didn't they come out with a "new safer" version of the ships where the missles just popped out about a quarter inch instead of actually launching or was that a home fix my friend's parents did?

at any rate my brother had a daggett and my friends had the ships, while I mostly had starwars. (I loved the show as a kid).

benestro138 said...

I was denied the Viper and Cylon ships because of the choking controversy, it vexes me to this day..

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is TR.
I liked these toys, as a kid. well, I liked them in the TV ads, anyway. Anyone know why the "Colonial Warrior" doll, looked like Mr. Lorne Greene, + not like one of the younger men on the show? How odd is that?
I remember the "choking controversy" that surrounded the toy spaceships, the ships with the visible missiles. I remember the toy company, after the controversy, then made the starbuck-like ship + the cyclon fighter-plane-like ship, with missiles that were permanent + didn't fire from the ships.


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