Saturday, October 10, 2009

Apes attack in the UK!

How can you not love Youtube? That's where I found this home movie footage of a live Planet of the Apes appearance in Plymouth Hoe circa 1975. I know I say this far too often but had I been exposed to this level of awesome as a child, it would have reduced me to a babbling, incoherant state.

Seeing as it's October and it's all about dressing up, I thought I'd show off other Ape Mall Appearances from previous posts:

Scott sent in this awesome shot from Long Island in 1975,

I've always wondered if it's the same one that was sent anonimously here, love the Addar kits in the foreground.

All of this was put on by Mego of course, the one company that really drove the train when it came to "apechandise" , kids even got this handout which I now happily own:

plaid Stallions mall appearance gallery

Send us your Mall Appearance photos!


Wings1295 said...

Fun, but I also gotta wonder how many kids were mentally scarred that day! hahahaha

Dave said...

What I don't get is why they think they could remake the movie and anyone would care? It was special the first time because of what was happening then. Hollywood is just so stupid sometimes. Bad New Bears was traumatic enough - if they remake The Goonies I will lose it!

PS: Sorry if I've missed it, but I would it if you could post about the Bad News Bears :)

Derek Tait said...

Good to see my home movie, filmed on Plymouth Hoe, on here. Seems a very long time ago now. I don't think that any of those kids were traumatised by the apes who I remember were happy to pose for photos. I had some good pictures at the time but they've been lost over the years unfortunately though I have some stills if you want them.


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