Friday, October 30, 2009

1979 Collegeville means KISS (and some Cylons)

Awww yeah, we wrap up our month of Halloween with our third dip into the "Collegeville barrel" with this grooving catalog from 1979.

'79 saw some great new additions to Collegeville as they scored some major licenses most important at the time would be KISS, the rock band that wore Halloween costumes 24/7. For the space kids, Collegeville had the good guys and bad bots of Battlestar Galactica and for you fantasy nerds, The Lord of the Rings!

Oh my goodness, I need to own this badly. Click on any image to check out all the fun of the 1979 Collegeville Costumes Catalog.

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John III said...

Did they make Blues Brothers costumes I wonder? That's what I'm going as for a party tonight anyway. I will be Elwood. Tomorrow I have my whole outside decked out in Pirates of the Carribean. Dressed as a pretty good Johnny Depp too!

JFStan said...

Oh man, those Animated LOTR costumes are killing me!!

A few years ago, at an old five and dime that was still in business, I found a bunch of Electric Company costumes, complete and in the box. I took good pictures of them and sold them for big bucks. Kinda wish I had kept one. :)


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