Saturday, October 31, 2009

Frankenstein Meets The Mummy!

At my house anyway, every year my neighbour puts on a display with Jason, Freddy and Leatherface, while cool it isn`t my idea of Halloween. So I decided to spend some time in the garage and make these two, both of them are about seven feet tall.

I modeled the mummy after the Lincoln International Action figure, even has the elongated fingers, I toned down the blood a bit though.
Reaction has been swell, parents love them although it is somewhat weird to have a kid point to Frankenstein and ask who it is.......

Happy Halloween People!


Dancin' Homer said...

Great job! I was just having a discussion yesterday about people who do the elaborate lawn decorations for Halloween, and how some seem more a tribute to slashers and gore than they do to monsters and ghosts. I am firmly in your camp!

John III said...

I am one of the Halloween geeks that decorate everything outside. I do it in a pirates and skeletons motif. I have fog machines, strobe lights and "Pirates of the Caribbean" music blaring. I even dress as a pretty good Captain Jack Sparrow.

Ahh.. good times.


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