Saturday, October 31, 2009

Remco Monsters Trading Card

Remco universal monsters

It's been a while since I unveiled a trading card and this is going out of order but what the hell, it's Halloween. Card #29 is the Remco Monsters. Anyone who has read this blog knows I'm terribly fond of the line and I loved this great glow in the dark shot, so it was a no brainer to get these out for October. I'll be doing a contest for these in November.

Remco universal monsters

Speaking of the Remco Monsters, what better time to show off these great Newspaper toy ads which feature them, click on the one above for a larger look.

Remco universal monsters

Clash of the Titans, Mego Pocket Heroes and Universal Monster dolls, total droolage...

Remco universal monsters

$6.87 seems kind of high for these back then, of course if you offered this now I'd fill my garage.

Remco universal monsters

The awesome mini Monsters are in this great Kiddie City ad. Click on it for a larger view.

Remco universal monsters

Collect them all indeed. Stay Tuned all day for more Halloween Goodness...

1980 remco.Remco 1979


Will Errickson said...

Still have my Creature from the Black Lagoon figure... Frank got eaten by a dog. Who knows what happened to the rest! Jeez it's been 30 years...

Dancin' Homer said...

6.87 does seem high for those Monster figures . . . especially since in the TRU ad right above it, they're only 2.38?

Terror Claws said...

Wow, now you're hitting up the earliest days of my childhood. I loved those ads so much! I remember buying Star Wars figures at TRU, I had the 3 3/4 Dracula, and THAT very picture of Mego Hulk made me beg my Mom to go until she finally took me. I played with Mego Hulk for EVER.


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