Sunday, October 25, 2009

Monster Model Day

A tradition in my house every October is Monster Model day, where I get the kids together and we paint a couple of Aurora reissues and use them as our centerpiece for the month. Above is last years, I had a lot of trouble finding kits locally so I actually bought this years kits when I first saw them in July and I'm glad I did, they sold out quick!

This year I chose these Revell reissues of Dracula and Frankenstein, my daughter actually hugged her Dracula kit box when she saw it, a big hit. The deal is, I do the gluing, they do the painting, occasionally helping with tough stuff like the eyes.

I've put together Frankenstein before and it's amazing that the molds are still holding up! My compaints are the same as they were 16 years ago when I put together the Illuminators versions, it's tough to make the guy stand properly and I had issues with the jacket but it was no big deal.

Dracula's headsculpt looks different somehow but I really ended up liking it, I'd love it if it ended up on an action figure again the way AHI did them.

Viola! Not bad considering they're four and seven, they even learned the magic of "Dry brushing" from their dad. What I found most interesting was the amount of blood the kids put on the characters, I guess some things never change. Next year I think we'll do the creech and wolfman or maybe the phantom..


rob! said...

You are A+ #1 Cool Dad.

Unknown said...

It sounds good. But among the monsters my most favorite one is the Godzilla. I have huge collection of Godzilla Monster Toys with me.


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