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1983 Remco Toys Catalog

remco crystar toys

By 1983, Remco had put down their utility belts and picked up some swords but never actually straying from their comic book licensing ties. Their long relationship with Marvel comics made them a natural to market the action figures based on their Crystar comic series , also announced were a series of figures based on Kazar that sadly, never materialized.

DC comics provided Remco the opportunity to combat Masters of the Universe in the form of the "Lost World of the Warlord" toyline based on the works of Mike Grell. The Universal Monsters (another long relationship for AHI and Remco) were still kicking and after years being seperated it seems that Remco/AHI finally became one in 1983 with the rack toy items finally being marketed in the Remco catalog.

Thanks to Steve F. for these marvelous scans. Click on the images for pages with descriptions:

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Lady Jaye said...

When I was a kid, I had a Pound Puppy clay modeling kit -- my mom still has a Pound Puppy I made. :) Dunno if it was also made by Remco or Azrak, though.

I'd sure love to have that Pac-Man kit, although I doubt the included clay would still be usable...

rob! said...

I've never seen those Remo Monsters-in-a-Box thing! I WANT THE CREATURE OF THE BLACK LAGOON ONE--and I'm not leaving until I get it!

Anonymous said...

I was the only kid I knew that was into the Crystar toys, they were just so different than everything else at the time.

It still amazes me that a line that apparently was dead on arrival still managed to get a full line out, including vehicles, accessory packs and a big playset.

Anonymous said...

That dragon had a hook that you ran fishing line (included) through and you could slide it down to simulate flying.


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