Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Imagineering Make Up Ad

imagineering make up ad

Oh this Imagineering stuff makes me crazy, it's really hard not to go spend hundreds on Ebay when you see ads like this. The pretend blood was schoolyard magic...


JFStan said...

Oh man, Imagineering was the bomb-diggity in the 70's.. "Fake Skin" and "Scar Stuff" were my favorites.

Hey, would anyone be interested in mint condition Imagineering "Hoodwinks"? I have some..

Retro Hound said...

Man do I remember this stuff! Love the fake scar, but it always seemed to fall off my oily skin.

pJ said...

Man, I had a ton of their stuff - I had The Face as well - so cool.

But I loved Scar Stuff and Fake Blood - I used that crap all the time in my Super 8 movies - until I moved up to Ben Nye latex and Cinema Secrets blood!

Great memories.



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