Thursday, October 08, 2009

Use the Down Force Luke

star wars race set This Star Wars race set may be pushing it a little when it comes to licensing but there is something oddly appealing about it as well. I think I like the Giant Vader and Luke Skywalker heads, which just seem kind of wrong....

Halloween Ad of the Day: This one is for the Mego World's Greatest Super Monsters, now on clearance at Two Guys it seems. As monster dolls go, Mego's line may not have been licensed but they were the highest quality figures we'd see in the 1970s.


wee67 said...

Seeing the Mego Monsters go from $3.97 to a clearance rate of 99-cents is actually a bit sad. Sad that I missed out on huge blow out savings!

Anonymous said...

I remember vividly when ALL Mego figures went red tag. For some reason my mom still didn't get me any. Had to settle for Hot Wheels and Star Wars.


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