Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween Pot Pourri

No real direction today, just a bunch of different things that didn't seem to fit anywhere else, above is an early 80s ad for a costume company called Topstone. I'm not really all that familiar with them but I know there are collectors out there.

matchobox freddy kruger article

For Maxx Fx Fans, here is a 1989 article (click on it for a larger read) about the problems Matchbox encountered when they attempted to market Freddy Kruger toys to children. This was more based on the cuddly talking doll (bad idea) but it eventually doomed Maxx as well. I don't give a toss about Freddy personally but find it a shame that those wonderful Universal Monster toys weren't released. If you haven't already, I insist you spend the next hour checking out creator Mel Birnkrant's fantastic Maxx Fx site.

And lastly, I found this postage stamp sized ad in an old Canadian newspaper, it's for a clearance of Aurora Monster Scenes kits (which got Aurora in a lot of trouble at the time) and I know that the Giant Insect kit is one thing a lot of collectors would have loved to have found for under a buck.


Wings1295 said...

Fun Halloween-y finds indeed!

wee67 said...

Well, you wre right. I just spent an hour checking out the Maxx FX site. Wow, those looked like they were pretty amazing. At first, I thought, "Oh, these are just monster versions of Captain Action." And they were, but so much more cool. Although, I can't imagine the final produced line (if they had happened) would have been as detailed or cool as the opriginals.

Alphacentaurian said...

As I recall (from, Aurora really got in trouble due to their "The Victim" kit.


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