Friday, October 23, 2009

Monster Squad Merchandise Gallery

Monster Squad Merchandise Gallery No, not the 1987 movie but the original 1976 Saturday Morning Series that really helped my love for Monsters in general.
The show has precious little web presence and I'm honestly surprised how much merchandise I discovered, so I've created a little gallery to showcase it all.

It's all here and there may be a few surprises, everything from proposed (but sadly not released) action figures to Halloween costumes, toy cars puzzles and the board game everybody should be familiar with.

Please visit the Plaidstallions Monstersquad gallery

More Monsterous Merchandise


Vlad said...

"Monster Squad" is one of my all time favorite Saturday morning TV shows. Thanks for posting all the great merchandise I didn't know about. I have the game, the puzzle and an autographed Mike Lane photo of him in character backstage on the set. When the show was on, I even made a "crime computer" out of a cardboard box in my parents' basement and along with a Frankenstein headpiece, a black cape and a werewolf mask, used to play "Monster Squad" with my friends. Those were the days!

John Rozum said...

Cool. I never saw any of the merchandising. It makes me want to go back and watch that show again, though I fear that it's not going to be something I'll enjoy as an adult.

your custom Bruce figure is great. I hope you do get around to the others.


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