Saturday, March 01, 2008

More Retro Superhero Appearance

T.J. sent in this terrific shot of Spider-Man at the Canadian National Exposition (We call it the CNE) in 1979, I love Spider-Man's medallion!. What's cool about this is T.J. and I were friends in high school, check out his great blog here.

Hill's flyer for Spider-Man Appearance

Chris Franklin sent in this awesome flyer for a couple of appearances at Hills stores, Captain America and Rom: Space Knight at one and Spider-Man Goblin at the other. Chris saw the Spider-Man Goblin fight, good choice.

Hill's flyer for Spider-Man Appearance

Here is a great memento, Spider-Man's autograph, Chris tells me that you should not hand Spider-Man a Batman pen to sign with, sound advice.

Got a Superhero appearance picture? Drop a Line, I'd love to feature it.


Anonymous said...

Finally, a Spidey with big eyes!

And, um, what's TJ wearing on his head?

tjo' said...

It was a plastic double bubble mask/hat thing. They were giving away gum and hats that day at the Ex.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

hey this is a great find! especially for a ROM Spaceknight fan like me, thanks.


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