Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wall Crawling Goodies

Batman toys by Azrak Hamway Inc

With the recent addition of Star Trek and Planet of the Apes and Batman galleries to the Azrak Hamway section of the site, it was important to get this guy involved. Next to Batman, Spider-Man was AHI's most popular characters and he recieved an incredible amount of merchandise.

Which is weird considering that Peter Parker is just a working class schlub who hasn't got the money, let alone has the skills to pilot the many hotrods, copters and rockets AHI encumbered him with. That doesn't make me want this stuff any less....

ahi batman

Here is the Spider-Copter which is a repackaged Bat Copter with the cool Spider-Man logo on it.

ahi spiderman

A remote controlled Spider-Car, you can already see the pattern.

ahi spider-man

Ah yes Spider-Man is, of course, a weekend biker...

ahi spider-man

Seeing as I have read issues where Spidey has made a parachute out of his webs, I present the most logical parachute figure AHI ever made.

This is just a sample for much more check out the new AHI Spider-Man Toy Gallery.

1 comment:

Arkonbey said...

We all laugh at this now, but,deep down we know that when we were ten, ANYTHING Spiderman was okay with us. And our parents appreciated the wicked cheap,who-cares-if-it-gets-broken, Spiderman stuff.


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