Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Barbie Envy

While not born a girl and being fortunate enough that my parents didn't try to raise me as one regardless, I find it odd how nostalgic this page makes me. I think as a kid I was envious that Barbie got that cool boat and Big Jim didn't.
Barbie and Jim shared campers, planes, cars and even that ski hill but for some reason, Jim got screwed out of his own yacht. I demand some sort of restitution, do you hear me Mattel?
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wurwolf said...

That camper was sweet, I used to have one. I was never a fan of Barbie but I loved the playsets and accessories. I used to put my little plastic animals all over that stuff.

That ski slope is pretty awesome, too.

JFStan said...

This stuff is WAY better than that Bratz junk. I can't believe that some people complain about the image Barbie portrays, while slut dolls like Bratz are selling like hotcakes. JMHO. :P

Anonymous said...

I agree totally with JFStan!


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