Sunday, June 22, 2008

TV Comix: Man From Atlantis

As I try to scramble to get more colouring books to review, I thought I'd go through the various comic books I have based on TV shows from the seventies. It's a little side obsession of mine that I didn't even realize that I had.

I've decided to open with one of the shorter lived but memorable series from that era, the Man from Atlantis. Not the US Marvel version of the comic (although I will get to that later) but the comics done in the UK under the "Look In" banner.

For those not in the know, "Look In" was a weekly british comic that featured two page strips of popular TV shows and celebrities. During it's run it would explore homegrown series such as "Benny Hill", "The Tomorrow People" and "Space:1999". US properties would include "Logan's Run", "Battlestar Galactica" and "Buck Rogers"

One thing I love about the UK is that even though the series would die in the US, the UK audiences seemed to embrace it more. This wonderfully drawn strip features the Victor Buono lead villian Mr. Schubert which seemed to the Lex Luthor to Mark Harris.

man from atlantis comic

Look In had a talented stable of artists and this Man from Atlantis strip looks superior to the Marvel book produced at the same time. I've got a lot more to share from this book.

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For more on Look In, check out these two fantastic and exhaustive sites The Look In Picture Strip Archive and John's Look Out both give you a glimpse of some very cool British 70's pop culture.

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Anonymous said...

OH, man!!! These are so great!!! I would have killed for these comics back in the day!!! But all is not lost I can still enjoy them just as much now!! And while I agree with you that the end product is of a higher quality than what Marvel put out at the same time, I do have to say that no matter what, those Marvel comics are still AMAZING simply for the fact that they were drawn by the great Frank Robbins (the creator of the Johnny Hazzard comic strip). I always thought that his distinct flowing art style really lent to the underwater feel needed for The Man From Atlantis.


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