Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sunday Best

You should never be able to blend in with flavours of Cotton Candy.

Another piece I wrote for Topless Robot is up today, it's called the Top Ten Greatest Playsets of all Time. Three guesses as to what it's about.

While I try to be objective, it's one of those articles that'll never make everyone happy, maybe that's the point.

Anyway, is it weird that I spent the money they paid me to write this on a playset? Shouldn't I be buying more adult things like slacks and pencils?


Anonymous said...

Hoo-boy, that's the outfit I wore to my 8th grade graduation dance. The one on the right, I mean.

I remember wishing it had royal blue piping and ruffles, so I could look as cool as my sister's prom date.

Anonymous said...

Everyone at my church dressed like that couple.


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