Friday, June 06, 2008

1977 : Year of the Bionic People

With the double whammy of Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman on each week, Kenner pulled out all the stops in 1977 in terms of product, with over 24 pages of products to choose from this is truly the spike in the Bionic Craze.

It's interesting to note that despite her show being action adventure, much of the Bionic Woman merchandise seemed to market her as a fashion doll who just happened to have circuits.

Today begins Mego Meet, the fourth annual Mego Collector Convention, if you're in the area, drop by this weekend for some 70's Toy Love. I'll be there giving out Plaidstallions cards and hugs.


I can't get over the response to this query (and no, we won't be naming all of our catalog models) but I had to choose Bill McFarland's suggestion for our "Name this Guy" contest and go with "GUY KARATE".

The reason is two fold, first it rhymes with "Hai Karate" (which this man no doubt bathes in) and when you say the first name in the french vernacular, it goes from being cool to a delicious play on words.

Anyway, ladies meet Guy (pronounce Gu-e-e) Karate!


wurwolf said...

That's great! Congratulations, Bill McFarland! Let us know how that Brick Mantooth Salad Dressing turns out! (I hope it's not creamy.)

chunky B said...

I like it, Guyeeeeee Karate!

Congrates Bill, good luck with that salad dressing!

World's Greatest Toys! said...

So wait, is it pronounced "Geee" like a judo outfit, or "Gooey" like the acronym GUI (or your salad dressing)?

Either way, ya gotta love that cock-duster 'stache he's sporting.

Anonymous said...

Truly, you have chosen well. Welcome to the world, Guy Karate!

Out of my way, Merle! said...

Great choice!

Randomly, I've decided that Guy's 'stache smelled like Terrytons.


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