Friday, June 13, 2008

Evel Knievel : The Comic Book

Evel Knievel comic book by Marvel

A bravura addition to the site today, it's the Ideal Toys Evel Knievel giveaway comic in it's entirety. Even if it didn't have the Marvel Comic Logo on it, the art style would give it away. Like many promotional comics, it manages to crowbar in every Evel Knievel toy while telling some sort of story.

Evel Knievel comic book by Marvel

"The Perilous Traps of Mr Danger" is rated a hard R for language and strong sexual content, actually it's as tame and family friendly as you'd expect it to be.

Evel Knievel comic book by Marvel

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Anonymous said...

Check out how cool Evel is. He not only jumps through a ring of fire, but he simultaneously flashes the "Peace" sign!

THE '70s!!!

chunky B said...

Viva Evel!

wurwolf said...

I know it's really tacky in a 70s kind of way, but is it wrong of me to admit that I think Evel looks pretty hot in his jumpsuit?

Kracalactaka! said...

I have got to find one!


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