Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Holy Licensing Royalties Batman!

Batman toys by Azrak Hamway Inc

With the recent addition of Star Trek and Planet of the Apes galleries to the Azrak Hamway section of the site, you had to know this would be coming. If there is one character that AHI did the most with, it would be the caped crusader, thanks to my pal Bill Frost I've got some pretty amazing examples.

ahi batman

The Batmobile was one of the most marketable items in Batman's rouster, thanks mainly to the George Barris design from the 1966 television series.

ahi batman

Batman in a parachute, actually the most logical parachute figure AHI made.

ahi batman

Spin Batman until he puckes!

This is just a sample for much more check out the new AHI Batman Toy Gallery.


wurwolf said...

That super top is awesome! I want one!

rob! said...

that batmobile has some weird art on the package--the Joker is from Neal Adams' cover to Batman #251 i think, but someone has gone in an added a whole bunch of Wolverine-type hair on the sides of his head. odd!

Bubbashelby said...

I loved those AHI superhero parachute figures!


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