Saturday, June 21, 2008

Captain America at the Eastgate Mall

captain america mall appearance

Wes Booth sent in these awesome additions to the Superhero Mall Appearance Gallery. This was at the Eastgate Mall, Indianapolis around 1979. Wes makes a great observation that he didn't normally roll around in a jacket and turtleneck and slacks, his mother made him dress up to meet America's greatest hero.

captain america mall appearance

Here's the shot that makes me crazy jealous, Wes holding Cap's shield. It doesn't get cooler than this! Expect more shots from Wes all this month, he's a real treasure trove.

Got a Mall Appearance Shot you want to share? Whether it's from the seventies to the mid eighties. We want to see it! Drop me an email!

If you want more people in costumes check out the Marvel Superheroes : Live and In Person brochure on our site. It's chock full of early eighties characters such as Rom: Space Knight, G.I. Joe, heck even Crystar is in here!


rob! said...

that is way cool! and that shield would've come in handy at school with bullies.

Anonymous said...

i don't know, rob. carrying that shield around your school would most likely increase the bullying . . .

rob! said...

well, assuming it was actually made from adamantium (or whatever marvel called it), you could really bust some heads with it.

but yeah, if it was just cheap plastic, you'd be getting a beat-down.


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