Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Official Planet of the Apes Merchandise

More additions to the Azrak Hamway toy galleries
this time it's all about the Planet of the Apes merchandise made by AHI. Thanks to Bill Frost for the great pictures!

ahi star trek Sky Diving, rifle touting Galen sure didn't make oodles of sense but it just didn't matter when you were five.

ahi planet of the apes These super deformed Wind Up "Little Walker" figures are tough to find MOC.

ahi planet of the apes

Doctor Zaius looks downright lovable.

ahi planet of the apesApes Wagon shows Doctor Zaius isn't afraid to get his hands dirty in the name of science.

ahi planet of the apes

Apes Water Pistols, it's like Doctor Zaius is spitting on you!

ahi planet of the apes

If you're into all things 70's (which I'm guessing is my audience) then I would recommend the new CBS series "Swing Town" set in 1976 Suburbia, it seems to center on what happens when a vanilla couple moves next door to some sexually liberated folks. The production values are really good, so it's like a lot of the catalog pages here come to life, worth checking out just for that.


Anonymous said...

When I was a kid, my aunt came to our house one day and said to my brother and me "Pick a color, orange or black". Not knowing what she was holding behind her back, I was fully planning on picking orange, but my older brother beat me to the punch. I was happily surprised when she produced two POTA water guns, and I got the Cornelius while my brother was stuck with Zaius. I didn't know any kid that preferred Dr Zaius to Cornelius.

And yes, with their pursed lips, it absolutely looked like they were spitting at you.

wurwolf said...

That wagon is SWEET! I totally would have gotten rid of the apes and used it for my little animals.

rob! said...

i'm still waiting for my POTA Vivisection Playset.

oh, and btw, brian--i'm pretty sure you can't afford it, but if any blog was ever going to run commercials for itself during a TV show, this would be it.

"Swingtown, brought to you by Plaidstallions!"

World's Greatest Toys! said...

I love the packaging on the wagon! It's like a Mego Platform card, but with a dust-cover. Very cool.

Swinebread said...

Sky Diving, rifle touting Galen

I'd love to see the POTA plane that he jumped out of!


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