Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Room Divided

I've never been more repulsed and oddly attracted to something at the same time, I must have had a relative with these in their apartment because they give me deja vu. It's like having a shower door right in your living room!


Anonymous said...

Ah, avacado and orange, the pallete that colored a decade.

wurwolf said...

I too find them oddly attractive and repulsive. I think my favorite screen is the one on the bottom right. I'd be tempted to have something like that in my home now.

rob! said...

what would B-grade spy movies have done without those screens for people to hide behind?

JFStan said...

Hey! My wife's grandparents still have the one on the bottom right (or something similar). They actually have a corner bar in their living room that's right out of a 70's catalog, I should take a picture and send it in!

Plaidstallions said...

Please do!
My friend has the same thing going on his basement and sitting there with a whisky and a smoke makes me feel like I'm in 1981.


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