Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hulk meets Ron

the hulk mall appearance

Ron sent in this amazing Hulk appearance picture yesterday and I'm absolutely floored. This is the same Hulk that appears in the Marvel Superheroes: Live and In Person! brouchure and as Ron pointed out (because I probably wouldn't have noticed it) there are two MIB Mego 12" Hulks behind him. As for time and period, it's the early eighties and Ron is not sure if it's Queens or Long Island. Thanks Ron, this is really cool!

Mall Appearance Gallery

Got a picture to share? Please, please drop me a line!

1 comment:

JFStan said...

OH HOW I wish I had that costume for the Superman Celebration in Metropolis today.. We just got back and of all the costumes NOT ONE Hulk to be seen! I would have been a real hit..


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